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Prehistoric Nuclear War?

Was such a thing even possible, when nuclear technology is so new that it has yet to penetrate around the globe in our times? When the smallest malfunction in equipment or process wrecks total havoc, last seen at Fukushima in 2011.

Researchers examining Vyas’ Mahabharat, Vedic and Jain scriptures often agree with the findings of Micheal Cremo that there is archeological evidence of the use of WMD, weapons of Mass Destruction perhaps 15,000 years ago.

Cremo is an American freelance researcher known as a Vedic creationist and an "alternative archeologist". His book Forbidden Archeology holds that humans have been on the earth for millions of years.

Cremo’s team worked in tandem with India’s leading archeologist, Dr. S R Rao, working on Mahabharatan sites. Time tracking with thermoluminenscence dating methods with Radio carbon isotopes, that offer accuracy dating back billions of years, was done on various archeological finds.

The Vedas often turned out accurate resource as they stripped down to the bare facts of the story of Mahabharata, from the initial incident to the war that ended of the descendants of Pandu and Dhrithrastra.

Michael Cremo focused on sites at Indraprasta, the Pandav showcase capital, Hastinapura, the Kuru seat and Kurusethra, the battle ground. The evidence was stunning.

Moorland at Kurukshetra bore no vegetation, reminiscent of residual radioactive contamination caused by large-scale thermonuclear explosions, according to a thermonuclear expert, Dr. Inderjit.

A free translation of the Vedic context reads "the heroic Arjuna seated in a Vimana, landed in the water, then lifted the Gandiva to launch an arrow that could simultaneously release the flame shining brightly over enemy territory and surround the enemy with great power. Arriving at target, the arrow formed a thick shadow-like giant mushroom over the Kauravas. That weapon created a storm of fire with an explosion followed by toxic dust (radioactive). "

“Total darkness made enemy dysfunctional as a powerful wind storm began to blow wuuus .. wuuus, with burning sand. It was as if the sky fell and broke up the earth. Meanwhile the sun seemed to be swaying, red-hot air emitting awful sounds along with the shaking of the earth.”

"Over a vast area, countless died, burnt and deformed. Rivers dried, killing fish, shrimp and other marine animals. When the arrow (rocket) exploded, the thunder sound felled enemy soldiers like charred tree trunks.

UNICEF and the NASA Landsat Satellite images helped to broaden and deepen the study, with images focused on the upper Ganges.

Archaeologists found charred debris of remnants of stone buildings. Pieced together indicted large stone with uneven protruding and concave surfaces. Testing on stones has shown that they need a minimum temperature of 1,800 degrees C to melt! Usually impossible, except in event of nuclear radiation. Primitive jungles of India yielded more such charred ruins.

More surprising was the discovery of similar radiated stones in ancient Babylon, the Sahara Desert and the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.

Were Hiroshima and Nagasaki of World War II vintage actually the first?


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Comment Thanks for spreading such gilded ignorance on the Indic civilization on internet. It is a dirty job, but some body has to do it.

13-Dec-2016 02:23 AM

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