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In earlier generations women were sacrificing their everything for the sake of family and hence to the society. Many modern intellectuals condemned that as slavery to men and preached to liberate women from the shackles of family and the routine of taking care of the family.

Now the liberation seems to be very successful that many present day young women are considering taking a job their first priority, stand on their own in financial and economic matters and then are thinking about marriage. Thus getting married and having a husband are not on the radar of present youthful women. Having children is further not enthusiastic for the individuals. Thus by liberating women from the drudgery of taking care of family affairs has been successful to the extent of many not able to have a HOME of their own; not house of their own. Woman is the nucleus or fulcrum for the beginning and sustenance by transforming it to a home. In the absence of young women not interested and the intellectuals of the society encouraging and seeing to it no other person with commonsense can oppose their dictates and domination.

How many such women can get a decent job and then a decent husband is a matter of speculation. Even men are not getting a decent job. Many men and women are doing jobs which are very inferior to their qualifications, aspirations and expectations of their parents.

decent jobs market is very crowded and became very narrowed down. Even among those decent jobs the free time is very scarcely being available. Under these circumstances getting married and starting a family are either getting delayed or marriages are not happening. And many young men and women are spending most part of their lives sans fun of official opposite sex company.

Even the "education" they are receiving by spending so much money is not able to be a succor for them. Education has not only became costly but also nothing is got in return except for a paper called the certificate.

Thus it is advisable to revisit the role of getting educated at huge costs of money, time and energy. And it is wise to learn something that makes them eligible and qualified to start a profession and live on their own. Blindly joining in schools, college and universities made the degrees and certificates worthless and useless to get a livelihood. And also the individuals are not getting educated in the sense of being able to face life in all its oddities and vagaries.

This is a very serious problem prevalent like a virus and none is doing any thing about it. Instead many more educational institutions are being started. The parents and their children have to think seriously and should not waste their money and time on an avocation that will not return any thing useful.

The roles human beings must be re-thought and appropriate measure are taken to get the remedies that cure the problems.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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