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Modi - The Catalyst

The left-intellectuals, "liberal-minded" elite citizens, media stalwarts are short of ammunition to attack present will of people of India in electing Mr. Modi. They are all the front-runners in attacking and denouncing Mr. Modi since times immemorial. Their cry for protecting India from getting communal is ignored by majority of Indians. They can not write for Mr. Modi. At the same time Mr. Modi does not seem to be at all dangerous as they imagined, demonized and "fought" against vehemently through their write-ups and statements and "hatred-filled" and personal-dislike-full irresponsible and uncultured, uncivilized and anti-intellectual and foolish utterances.

These "scholars" are more carried away by blind devotion to their ideologies and "faiths" and rarely or never are objective in their assessment of Mr. Modi.

And all Indians must realize that rebuilding of India has just started. Political transformation is brought out by Mr. Modi. Transformations in other fields are to be brought out by stalwarts in respective fields who are truly patriotic, liberal, wise and capable. For development and transformations in other fields one must not and need not look at Mr. Modi to be initiated and led.

Every Indian must realize that it is the responsibility of every one of us to rebuild our great nation and refurbish it. It is not the responsibility of Mr. Modi alone. Let us help ourselves by being vigilant, responsible and patriotic. Mr. Modi is catalyst and we must transform ourselves and our nation.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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