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Life as An Art

Life is an art,
Very few learn to master it,
Few learn to appreciate it and
Some are just clueless
Waiting for a chance to get out of the boring Art Exhibition.

Many a generation has lived in this place and so much is inherited, of course not by way of genes alone. . . some good, some bad and some repulsive and quite evil.  Good, bad or whatever it may be, there rather exists a strange comfort to dwell among what is familiar than to go after what is great and perfect.

Greatness perhaps is ambiguous, whatever great and perfect is many a time uncertain and almost always difficult. Greatness is brewed in the cauldron of pain. Many dreams get crushed on the way and many get lost in the maze and end up frustrated and confused, left with nothing but an indelible mark of pain in the lane of memory.
Very few still persist, persevere and reach beyond the mundane ordinary and strike the extraordinary, and for a moment the ordinary marvels the extraordinary. Beyond the moment of smugness, the sheen wears off and the brave athlete somehow finds out that the extraordinary still fails to satisfy him beyond a point.

The ordinary and extraordinary still search and pine for ‘something’ that would make them happy and satisfied, the ‘Something’ that would determine who they are.

The ‘Something’ may be different for everyone but the pining and the pain are the same.

Whether you find out your ‘Something’ or not, whether you move along the tide or against it depends upon the level of your Emotional Maturity, but what really matters the most is how gracefully you sail through the Art Exhibition. Wear a smile even when your heart is shattered and your head is hazy, and keep on moving. No matter what, flick off the dust, pull up the strings and keep moving on to the next frame of art, perhaps it may be holding the something that you have always searched and pined for.  Keep on ‘Moving’ because ‘Movement is Life’.

Be it happiness, pain or sorrow, do not stand there and drink more than what could be taken in, ‘Move’ and ‘Live’. Learn the Art of Life or you may be counted among the crowd of clueless.


More by :  Thresa Angel

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Joseph Raj T
13-Feb-2020 12:55 PM

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