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Child Labor and Child Apprentice

There is a difference between child labor and child apprentice. Let there be more child apprentices than school going kids. Apprenticeship for a skill provides livelihood. Merely going to school / college is of no use in making a livelihood out of that certificate got.

All new ideas will be first objected to. It is really surprising to say in this commercialized atmosphere of "education" that values can be learnt. Acquiring knowledge is the aim of education. And present academics is not in a position to provide employment. Who is caring for knowledge?Musicians like Mandolin Srinivas might not have been produced if present grind of rotten "learning" is imposed. All skills need training from childhood for years. Let us all recall Mark Twain's statement:

Let us not allow our schooling interfere with our education. Employment and livelihood are essential for the survival of human beings. With minimum literacy and common sense most of Indians are living sans so called school "education". and many certificate holders even Ph.D.s are languishing without employment. Let us be realistic. Idealism may not help in acquiring livelihood. Livelihood is breath to the being of humans and their survival. Let us not forget it.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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