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Lectures on cultures!

We have many cultures in our societies. They are religious, civilizational, political, social, spiritual, scientific, national, regional etc., They are get converted to isms when we follow them and not when we lecture about them.

An ism most lectured about and implemented in 20th century but failed those nations, used to say that  land belongs to the one who tills it and not to the one who "owns" it.

It now seems we have to borrow that concept of belonging and owning when referring to culture, tradition, civilization, religion and ideology as they belong to who follow and implement it in their lives and not to the ones who lecture about them. Who follows belongs and owns the culture, tradition, civilization, religion and ideology and not who "own" it because of "inheritance".


Just as every one from elite, liberal, ideologically infested intellectuals waited Mr. Kejriwal to err and "fail", the same gang is now waiting impatiently for Mr. Modi to "err and fail" and then pounce on him.

But why cannot they participate in the national reconstruction by giving sane and useful advices? After all India belongs to us all, just not to Mr. Modi.

Spirituality begins and concludes at home. It is not merely somewhere else outside home. "Spirituality" outside home is of no use for our lives. Spirituality is to be practiced in, with and through life for our efficient undertaking of our duties and responsibilities with equanimity of mind. Spirituality is just not becoming a monk changing name and attire. Spirituality is living as serene witness to happenings in and outside our life. Spirituality is freedom from dogmas, liberation from all bonds including love for becoming spiritual. Spirituality is cultivation of compassion, Divinity, peace, serenity, silence, bliss while experiencing all evens and odds through the course of our life. Spirituality is essence of wise, smart and diplomatic living full of right passion and dispassion towards our bonds, duties, responsibilities as householder and citizen.

Love for knowledge makes us knowledgeable and also makes us intelligent enough to be rid of that burden of knowledge too just retaining the essence. Spirituality is living without burdened by anything and person.


I many times am discomforted by the undeserving intentions, demands and actions of individuals to be recognized and be "helped by being given special treatment" to "climb" the social, political, governance, intellectual, scientific research, poetic and fine-artistic ladders based on the caste, community, hereditary religion, gender, region, sub-nationality etc., sans merit and qualification. These undeserving citizens aiming to get and getting special treatments is another bane of the country in addition to the other banes corruption, nepotism, criminality, commercialization of health care and "education".

The society is immensely affected and the progress of the nation is pulled back by these self-serving demands and their grant.


All mind is physics and chemistry.


Governments must mind governance only. If state and central governments start selling water, salt, food and other things it is evident that the governments have no authority on business communities and are unable to control prices. And also how about the prices of other commodities? When government is able to sell things so cheaply why the government is allowing traders to exploit the people with high prices?

Selling is not the business of government, but governance is. Unfortunately in India, popular politics make the governments indulge in anything except giving good and efficient governance.

Government is like indifferent philosopher. Citizens and other institutions must take care of their duties and responsibilities seriously. The politicians must be able to discern and differentiate between governance and gimmicks.


The temptation to be world police on democracy and human rights can never leave the United States of America as long as America needs oil and other hegemonies


Culture is to be cultivated and civilization is to be followed; and not to be lectured about.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment 1. India could improve through Eugenics, it has been observed in the 19th century that every society tends to degenerate over time because in the context of civilization people who don't have good ideas, who don't have good thinking are able to survive, they would perish in the wilderness within civilization are able to survive. This is something that has to be countered, In case of India it has a very old civilization that degenerative effect is going on for a long time...on top of that we had a mixture at the beginning of the India between different races and Hindu people that were already there..what happens is that there is one element that reproduces faster than the other..and its always the worst that reproduces faster and this was observed 100 years ago..and this is why the Germans took measures to counter this thing through curbing/sterilization and encouraging better genes to produce more..and the Indians could if they want to improve their quality of society..with these kinds of measures. Why would u let a beggar make babies? and push his forthcoming generations and generations into child labour and degenerated genes reducing the quality of society? on the other hand why shouldnt a scientist make more babies? why doctors, engineers and smart and able men make more babies? I might sound very mean but Indian society needs such measures to improve the quality of its society if not now atleast 50 years from now it will see the results.

2. Indians are probably among the best and most capable among others...very capable, very disciplined always do what we are asked to-do..but as far as original thinking we cant do it..its very hard for us, modern Indians are compensating being a little weak in the department of intellect by very strong discipline..but it can only go so far, we can do only few things being disciplined, we do need to restore the fundamentals, the foundation of everything which is our inheritance of Hindu Philosophy the six pillars Nyaya, Sankhya, Vaisheshika, Mimamsa, Yoga, Vedanta tradition.

3. There is a stronger analytically tendency in European tradition but it was interesting to me that German philosophy was already moving in the direction of Indian philosophy before they were even able to understand Indian philosophy, it took them many decades of work on Sanskrit language before they could understand Indian philosophy, they got experts to work on philosophy and Sanskrit to work on this and that was Paul Doysen. Philosopher Emanuel Kant was already developing a system. Chamberland said that the ancient Indians were already living transcendental ideology which is already a philosophy and u can also some similar tendencies in Martin Luther king philosophy, He also mentioned that there is a strong relationship between Christian and Indian Philosophy and that the Jesus is neither Jew nor Muslim but a Vedantist.

4. The thing about Democracy is it puts an enormous responsibility on the individual, socrates reflects that...We all have to be concerned about the truth, this is all we have todo for our mutual survival..we have to be concerned about the truth..call ppl to accounts when they're lying..this is part of the idealism which goes with democracy and making it work..it absolutely depends on not letting people get away with lying.

Keypoints: A)Counter Interbreeding and Degeneration. B).Cultivate Analytical thinking through the Vedantic foundation and Indian Philosophy. C) Ensure truth in Democracy.

15-Jun-2014 17:40 PM

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