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The ever- fascinating world of the Internet has introduced me to writings of beautiful people like Dr. William Stimson, Bob Perks, Maalok, Michael Levy, Roy Morley and some others. One of my most favorite writers is Dr. Wayne Dyer, ever since I impulsively picked up his book 'Your Erroneous Zones' years back. The fluidity of their styles, the motivation in their words always make me wonder why I cannot write just a teensy weensy way like they do.

What makes their writing stand apart? The stories they tell are simple, true and straightforward. Their words spring from honesty, humility, courage, compassion, personal learning and experience and strike the bull's eye ' the core of your being. To be honest and humble requires real courage. Courage to admit that you are human enough to make mistakes, that you have acted from selfishness or mediocrity and that your ego has taken a thrashing by an incident or person who is much larger than life and you. Such humility reflects true greatness of spirit. They write from inner conviction. From a faith that remains steadfast in the face of trials and tribulations. Their words surge forward like clear, refreshing spring water from the depths of their souls. The still clarity of these waters throws back at us the reflections of our true selves.

These magnanimous souls are always ready to learn even while they are greatly sought after speakers and teachers. Another facet of a humble spirit! A snatch of conversation here, a seemingly uninteresting common person on the street, a great hurricane or an apparently mundane incident is all grist for their uncommon minds that pour forth great inspirational thoughts. They do not come from egocentric perceptions and beliefs. They come from awareness and love for their readers. With genuine meekness they are ever connected to the Universal Life force from which all existence emanates. They believe in the oneness of creation, in the interconnectedness of all beings and forms. The tragedies and conflicts of a spiritually, emotionally, psychologically or economically struggling humanity stirs their sympathy and they reach out to heal, to touch other lives with kindness. They do not see themselves as apart from or above others. Their personal struggles to reach where they have come identify them with the rest of us.

That all may not be famous and world-renowned is inconsequential. What they have to share with the world is beautiful; it is priceless and they give it without wanting much in return. They illumine, they transform lives, and they carry the world onward on the strength of their convictions and genuine counsel. It does not matter that there will always be some who will criticize them; they are not afraid of ridicule and so can talk openly about their emotions, observations and experiences 'humiliating or bitter ones notwithstanding. They have learnt to see stepping-stones where others see only obstacles. They see miracles in what others dismiss as mere coincidence. They have risen way beyond hurt and mortifications to stand tall and proud. Wanting others also to stand tall and proud with them they lovingly share their wisdom with us.

Their wisdom makes them neither sanctimonious nor pontifical. Au contraire, they are amazingly gracious. It is unpretentious meekness, a discerning intellect, a non-judgmental candor and the deep empathy with which they regard all beings that puts them a notch above others. They do not preach at us and so their words fly unobstructed from their hearts straight into ours. Whatever they may gain in the process is purely incidental. Monetary gains, fame and recognition are always welcome, but they take on a secondary status for writers of their stature. And I mean all those who write from their hearts, unaffectedly, from the pure intention of wanting to benefit others. Not just because they love to write but more because they love their readers. I write this today because I love these writers. Some wonderful souls who have touched my heart are anonymous, but my gratitude and indebtedness go out equally to them. I SALUTE YOU ALL.  


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