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A President's and Citizen's dilemma

There is not the slightest doubt that Saddam is a megalomaniac, unprincipled scourge, whose removal would benefit humanity. It is critical that the American public not confuse reality with expediency or principle with pragmatic self-interest. We encouraged and supported Saddam, when he chose to invade Iran, while high on the fumes of his delusions of grandeur. This was our diabolical revenge against the hostage crisis in Iran. This terrorist policy was the backlash of the common Iranians, who in their frustration and lack of other outlet, not to mention their basic stupidity and abysmal ignorance, chose to side with Khomeini, as they had equally ignorantly chosen to side against Mossadegh, when the CIA engineered a coup.

It is only the cupidity of the self-serving tyrants of Islam and the stupidity of the ignorant, uneducated, non-thinking followers of Islam that allows us to manipulate the price and output of oil, to promote our economic benefits. Islam is basically a stupid religion for brain-dead people, because it demands unquestioning submission and offers in return the forbidden fruits of wine and sexual gratification in heaven. Other religions sell snake oil, but they at least pretend or proselytize a greater purpose than instinctual gratification.

Any sensible student of history would know that in the current era of inter-net and spreading knowledge, to bank on the ignorance and powerlessness of the Arab street, is to build on foundations of sand. It may have been doable for Lawrence of Arabia and the subsequent eras, but the constant belief to bank on the stupidity of others, is a policy doomed to failure in the long run. Even an uncaring, unthinking and blissfully ignorant American public cannot be duped constantly.

It is convenient for the basically not too bright Bush kid and the smart, but unconcerned Cheney, to tout their biased agenda and also the native criminal class, defined by Twain as the congress, to dupe the uneducated, gullible public. None of this would matter if America was a third world nation of no consequence, but America has become a nation, unequalled in power in the history of humanity and thus invincible. The weak and vacillating vassals of Europe, the only counter balance to this exercise in absolute tyranny, sit on their hands and bite their tongues due to misplaced gratitude, natural subservience or indifferent selfishness.

The problem is what should a concerned, caring, honest person do? Should he or she be faithful to the jingoistic appeals of partisan prejudice or the humanitarian lures of redeeming decency not to oppress the helpless peoples of Iraq and make cannon fodder of our unskilled and poor youths, who often join the armed forces for lack of any better opportunity. This is a dilemma that every conscientious American faces. The choices are never easy and not even convenient. There are clear strategic interests in neutralizing a belligerent Iraq under a rogue leader with a partiality to nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. We would also gain control over large oil reserves of Iraq and Kuwait and scare the bejesus out of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, while cowing Iran. If we do nothing the currently truncated midget salamander, may morph into a future Tyrannosaurus Rex, given time.

The bottom line comes down to a simple dilemma. Is it better to follow rules or aim for a desired result? The dichotomy is not new. Does the end justify the means? Even deeper than that is the question that are any ends purely honest or do they reflect the bias of the prevalent powers? If all so-called honest views are colored by unfathomable biases, then what is the nature and substance of truth? It is more than an epistemological question and challenges the validity of beliefs, assumptions, principles, virtue and truth. As the great philosopher William Jefferson Clinton said, 'It depends on what is the meaning of IS?'

Perhaps, let me give an imaginary answer in the form of a poem which could have been addressed to a glib-tongued intern and maybe that is the philosophy of Presidents and citizens and the only dilemma is my personal one or maybe it is but a figment of my imagination or some dying atavistic trait on its final journey to extinction in my mind!

O! Monica

O! Monica, the dulcet tones of your voice,
The idle banter, a few moments of rejoice.
Pleasant chatter, mutual flatter, false hope,
Unattainable goals, mere strategy to cope.

The fire of desire will fade and tire.
Consequences will land us in mire.
A kind word, a considerate thought,
For saga of life, has only pain as plot.

It is indeed a curse of our kind.
Physicality dominates our mind.
In this maelstrom, I wriggle and writhe,
A repentant Christian unwilling to tithe.

It is not that I lack love or commitment,
It is not that I am devoid of sentiment.
I rise to rally with your tongue's revolution,
A hapless, weak male, puppet of evolution.

On a somber note, the compromise solution is unrestricted access to weapons inspectors and permission to export more oil for Iraq and until we democratize Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, we should keep mum lest this time, some new Indian American repeats the famous words - The Great White Father in Washington speak with forked tongue like the serpent in the Garden of Eden!  


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