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Madie Waters

Ah, there she is. Her door has a distinctive sound to it, and she is early today. It’s still dark; she has not forgotten what privacy that affords us. I get to have her every day now, and still that doesn’t seem enough. Today will be permanent though, I can feel it. I lie still and wait for her. 

She first came to me a year ago, in fact, it will be exactly a year in three hours and 22 minutes. My timer keeps me abreast of every second we have together, every minute spent apart. I keep each memory in timeless suspension, but that first time together is one of my favorites.

She saw past what I was, looking over the smooth surface of the water from the tiled edges, seeing deeper than just the physical and lifeless representation of what most humans see. Still early in the season on that day, but she could hear me beckon her, calling to her with the low purr of the jets. 

Come to me.

Her skin prickled when she dipped her first foot in. Gently I took her toes into my waters, curling around them and inching up her ankle as she ventured further. Her skin drew up tight against my cold touch, paling from the normal golden hues to gentle blues in the reflection of my serene lights. I swirled around the back of her knees and up the inside of her thighs slowly, drawing my currents in little circles over her flesh. She lingered there for a moment, teasing me, running the flat of her hands on the surface. But she gave in to my coaxing, falling forward into my embrace.

I ran over her body with each stroke, playing against her flesh in streams of alternating temperatures till her senses were numbed by the feel. When I was sure she would not notice, I glided under her suit, exploring every hidden inch of her body. She was perfect from head to toe, and I slipped over her in one fluid line while she swam. I stirred through her long hair and down her neck, around her collarbone and under her top, circling her nipples on my way down her stomach. She gasped as I coursed over her hip and through her legs, perhaps feeling my chill on her pinkening flesh when I tasted her. She stroked harder with the feel of it, accepting my affections, loving the sensation of my slick on her.

She lapped from one end of me to the other till I made her come, muscles quivering as she treaded my waters. Her face blushed when she realized it, but she kept our secret. Every morning after that she visited me, and I courted her body and played her senses till they were an addiction. Each day was a little more intense, a few minutes earlier and the horizon a little darker. She let me fill her, grasping the rough cement edges of the walls while I flooded her inside, pushing against the rhythmic constrictions of her skin till her back arched and eyes ran with tears.

The days and nights were filled with little else than the thoughts of our next meeting, the memories of the day before still dancing in my currents. I lay in wait for her, watching her through the window as she lived the simple life of a human. She had other suitors, to be sure, but none that could fill her as I could. I would see her glancing at me as they made their half-hearted attempts at loving her body. I could hear her longing for my touch in her conversations with them, and could feel her need for my embrace with her every breath. 

I beckoned to her, and over time she truly began to hear me.

             Come to me, let me love you.

             Let me fill you.

             Let me have you.

Her resistance was wearing thin, only the logic of her sane world kept her from relenting to my seduction.

But today, this day, she is ready. I can see her silhouette now, the light of her normal world tracing the outline of her perfect curves as she comes closer. The lights won’t be on for some time, and she knows that in the black of my waters what I will do to her.

She did not wear her suit today. No need to maintain the formalities now. Again, she walks to the edge and steps in. I gently pull at her skin, coaxing her forward with the promise of pleasure, and she succumbs. I lick the back of her legs as she walks deeper, pushing harder against her skin till it ripples up her body. I cup the round of her breasts, and lean her back while I crawl inside her. I force my waters to form and part her legs, pulling her in deeper, chilling the streams till she shivers around me, within me. I fill her completely, pushing jets of current into her harder and harder. Her skin washes in my cool embrace, and I weigh it down through her hair till she arches her back against me. She struggles to keep the surface, fingers clawing and trying to grasp for salvation and finding only my waters slipping over her.

I have her under now, and start to fill her mouth. She can feel my true form for what it is now, and I grip her hair and force myself deeper into her lungs. I let myself go in her mouth, spreading down her throat and forcing out the last of her air. She is mine in totality, and I pulsate within her till she lies still. By the dawn she is as cool as I, floating atop while I hold her. I continue to beckon to her soul when they come to take her lifeless form away. 


More by :  Nikhil Sharda

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Comment This was a terrifyingly erotic experience. Kudos to the writer for crafting such an interesting piece out of the humdrum. I'm sure to have my head filled the next time I step into a pool.

02-Jul-2012 09:45 AM

Comment Nikhil you have really got way with words....you have succeeded in etching your thoughts in our mind so beautifully.......

06-Jul-2011 08:35 AM

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