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Stay Trendy with Indian Street Style

Today when we talk about fashion in India, the street always play a pivotal role in providing lot of ideas where we find various styles and collections like what is the latest fashion trend in India? How to get fashionable style look? Now there’s no need of being styled by designers, but you can create your own style. You all can get enough ideas not by online but by visiting your nearby street.Street style doesn’t come from the fashion shows or ramps. It is said to be basic styles generated by the youth culture. In the time of globalisation and mall culture many of us still prefers to shop on the streets. If we look around most of the street market like Delhi's Janpath or Sarojini Nagar market you will see numerous stylist people who are looking quite good in their own style. Street style is now being admired by very famous designers.

It is this style that has begun to influence the creators of high fashion. If you go out on streets you might see many people with the tight-fitted jeans. Similarly loose-flowing frocks or shirts with a good material are being brought up in the fashion again and set in a more classier way.

Once you visit streets in India you would notice that a lot of adults, teenagers and students dressed up in various eye catching styles. Indian people are extremely fashion conscious and enthusiastic about dressing sense. You would also see some amazing colors on the street. Usually people are dressed up in ready-made garments but lots of other accessories are also available on the streets to compliment your style over these streets. Of course, the best fashion advice one can give is ‘wear what you feel comfortable in.' But in order to make a style statement you must, keep a track of the latest trends on your streets.


More by :  Purushottam Shrivastava

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