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A Racial Curse

(Note: In its title or appearance it may look so, but this article is neither racist nor meant to undermine any race. It is only an impartial evaluation of historical facts.)

Having gone through the labors of creating the most complex of beings – the human being – God was resting for a while when he heard loud voices and commotion from a section of his new creation. He was not particularly pleased for having been disturbed during his leisure. Anyway, he opened his eyes and saw that all the White persons among his creation were quietly and in unity contemplating and acting upon the ways to procure food, shelter and security for the community while all the non-Whites were individually, loudly, critically and in total disunity talking about the measures needed for the same. Everybody was trying to outdo the other in his arguments, but none was acting.

For quite a while God tried his best to contain the commotion created by non-Whites but failed, and in sheer disgust uttered a curse on them,

“You continue to be disorganized and disunited despite my injunctions. You shall ever remain so.”

The history of the last millennium has evidently proved this curse. God sent the non-Whites to the lands having best of climates for human survival – like the plains of Nile and Ganges and vast fertile land of south-east Asia, where civilizations easily flourished but due to their disorganization and disunity got easily conquered by the Whites. The treasures of gold, diamond and petroleum discovered in Africa and Asia were allowed to be plundered by Whites by disorganized, disunited and dishonest local regimes.

Small number of united and organized Whites were able to control and treat like slaves vast majority of non-Whites. During this very millennium the lands where Whites lived prospered geometrically – thanks to generally organized, purposefully united and mostly honest behavior of their inhabitants. The USA is a glaring example of this. This land was discovered and captured mostly by the over-adventurous, the trigger-happy, the pirates, and the out-caste convicts of various nationalities. Yet they united and amalgamated to form a civilized, organized, trustworthy and hard-working society that grew into a very prosperous nation within a hundred years.

Compare this with achievements – or rather lack of them – of African societies, Islamic Caliphates, Rajputs’ principalities, or kingdoms of far-east. They bravely fought with each other but rarely could organize and unite to fight an invader: and above all, most of their defeats were the outcome of treachery of their own men.


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Comment Sri Dewedy,

I'm grateful for your patience. The answer to the question, then, was of a psychological nature.

Going back to the matter of ghosts, the matter was taken lightly, merely as a chance to write a story, which is unfair. This business was left unfinished. A full investigation is needed. Please return to Baherhi and interview as many patients of the exorcist as possible, in order to establish the rate of success. This project will furnish enough material to fill an entire book, which I predict will be a bestseller. It might be necessary to find an equally skeptical medical doctor who will be willing to be the co-author of the book. It will be a great honor for me to be mentioned in the introduction as the person who suggested such a project. I also predict that in the process both authors will go back to the roots of a cultural heritage that they have chosen to look down on.

I, too, have made a spelling mistake having to do with a name: it's "Chandrasekhar", not "Chandrashekhar".

Daniel Rey M.
17-Sep-2013 20:09 PM

Comment Mr. Daniel Rey,
In my case "Chandra" is the second part of a compound given name.
Although it is only a conjecture but one reason for preference of white over black by humans may be that white is closer to light and black closer to darkness.
Mahesh Chandra Dewedy

mahesh chandra dewedy
16-Sep-2013 23:59 PM

Comment Sri Chandra Dewedy,

Foreign names are always puzzling. I'm assuming that "Chandra" is not the second part of a compound given name but the first of two family names. It reminds me of astronomer Chandrashekhar, whose name was given to the Chandra X-Ray Space Telescope.

I'd already read the amusing narration titled "An Illiterate Ghost", where the "supernatural" is made fun of, but even so the declaration of atheism was quite unexpected. I had supposed that the writer's skepticism was only related to apparitions. It's best for some never to feel the need to go beyond their self-imposed limits, so I had better not start preaching now. The gods place a veil before one's eyes only when there's a good reason for doing so. Sometimes they take it off all of a sudden, as was my case. I was raised as an atheist.

This is all just beating around the bush. I should've concentrated on what really matters here, which is the Grand Enigma of the Ages: why is "white color of skin generally preferred here"????? I set great value on the answer to that question. Meanwhile, all I can do is imagine mystical, mythological, historical, sociological, psychological and maybe even economical reasons, all of them worthless because they're mere conjectures.

Daniel Rey M.
16-Sep-2013 17:39 PM

Comment Mr. Daniel Rey M.,
Sorry for the error in the spelling of your name. "Ray" is of course Anglo-Saxon as well as Indian (in Bengal) surname.
Annie Besant's is a respected name in India as she had friendly disposition towards Indians, but Theosophical Society is known among a limited number of people only in India.
Since you have mentioned some of your spiritual and social leanings, I am writing that I am an atheist.
Your affinity towards India is a matter of pleasure for me.

Mahesh Chandra Dewedy

mahesh chandra dewedy
15-Sep-2013 20:59 PM

Comment Having sent the reply I noticed that there is, after all, a search tool, but there is no report on Theosophy in Boloji.com. and it's mentioned only once, and, furthermore, there is a mistake in the passage, which says "The Theosophical Society of Colonel Cleott popularized by Annie Besant in 1886 in Madras (…)". The name is "Colonel Olcott". That organization was established by him and Mme. Blavatsky in New York City in 1875. The scarcity of allusions to the Society at this website suggests that its days of glory, at least in India, are long gone and that in India no one cares about it anymore. Maybe this has to do with the fact that it was founded by foreigners, and with the further fact that Annie Besant was British.

Coincidentally, my grandfather was born in that same year, and this was seen as a matter of great significance. Annie Besant was the World President of the Society for some years and George Bernard Shaw said that she was the best orator in all of the British Empire. She claimed to be the reincarnation of Hypatia, the Alexandrian philosopher and mathematician who is said to have been murdered by a mob incited by a Bishop Cyril, but some historians say that there is no hard evidence for this.

My grandfather gave one of his daughters that same name (Hypatia). Between 1948 and 1951 a sister of hers, in other words, an aunt of mine, lived in N.Y.C. and worked there as a bilingual secretary, and she was invited to a vacation center of the Society in N.Y. State that had little cottages.

I've never belonged to any mystical, religious or political group, or of any other sort, though. The Society has been involved in a few controversial episodes. I do believe that it has had authentic seers, but I suspect that Leadbeater was an impostor.

Daniel Rey M.
15-Sep-2013 18:33 PM

Comment Sri Chandra Dewedy,

…and I am grateful for your taking the trouble to send a substantial reply. Concerning point number 1, the three human types, as is also the case for the caste system (as you point out), are not based on skin tone. They have to do with bone structure. Caucasoids, too, have skin that can go from pale to dark. Indians are mostly Caucasoid, as you say, with some Mongoloids in the Himalayan regions, I believe.

Albinism is irrelevant here, of course, and maybe also the following comments. "Ray" is an Anglo-Saxon name. My first family name, "Rey", means "king" in Spanish. The second (the maternal) family name, which the letter emm stands for, is "Martínez". My maternal grandfather, Ramón Martínez Rodríguez, established the first Theosophical lodge, the Rainbow Lodge, here in Colombia, S.A., around 1920. He was also a Freemason and he died in 1960, when I was only 8 years old, regretting never having been able to visit the main headquarters of the Theosophical Society in Adyar, Madras. You can find his story on the Net, but maybe only in Spanish. I inherited four boxfuls of his books on Theosophy. I'm out of place in the West and I wish I had been born in India, in spite of the frequent power blackouts, the damaged natural environment and intercaste violence. It's too bad that Boloji.com has no search tool, so I have no idea whether or not Theosophy has ever been discussed at this website.

Daniel Rey M.
15-Sep-2013 12:28 PM

Comment Mr. Daniel Ray,
Thanks for a knowledgeable scientific discourse. However, I have to point out-
1. People of Indian sub-continent do not fit in exactly in any of the three categories mentioned by you. Most of them have features similar to Caucasians but color ranging between those of Negros to Mongoloids.
White color of skin is generally preferred here.
2, Varna system of India today is not based on color but on birth, although it had originated on profession adopted by a family.
3. In my article the word CURSE has not been used in a literal sense, but as a substitute for an undesirable trait acquired over time or inherited genetically
4. The divisions in human society may lessen with globalization but will not end by any external attack, because human nature is selfishly acquisitive and incurably volatile.

Mahesh Chandra Dewedy.

mahesh chandra dewedy
14-Sep-2013 13:50 PM

Comment Forensic medicine teaches that there are three basic human types: Mongoloid, Caucasoid and Negroid. By examining a skull they can identify it as belonging to one of those types or to a mixed-race individual. Mongoloids can have skin that ranges from utterly pale, identical to that of the palest Caucasoid, to dark brown.

The only red people I've seen are fortyish or fiftyish male Caucasoids whose face is so red that they look like they're holding their breath, or choking to death, or having a fit of anger, and it's permanent and not because they're sunburned. Sometimes it's only the nose, and in some such cases it's because they have "thick blood" (too many red blood cells). A nurse I know says that the solution to that is to donate blood.

My knowledge of the situation in India is fragmentary and anecdotical, and I would appreciate it if someone were to write a report on the matter of skin "varna" there. I heard someone in a Brazilian TV series describing a person with the phrase "the Hindu type", meaning a combination of Caucasoid facial features and brown skin, and while watching an Indian movie I got the impression that Indian Mongoloid people are insulted by calling them "chow mein".

I was surprised to see a Pakistani female in an online chatroom saying something like "we're paler than Indians and they know it", as though dark skin were something to be ashamed of, and that's how I found out about the Varna Problem in the Indian subcontinent. Marco Polo found a people for whom the darker one's skin, the more one was admired.

As far as I know, the advanced Mohenjo Daro and Harappa civilization along the Indus Valley was developed by dark-skinned Dravidians who were conquered by coarse, light-skinned Aryans, just like the refined Chinese were conquered by the Mongols, who had no written language.

The humiliating colonial experience in India that turned its people into a single tribe was not enough to solve the Varna Matter. By now it's obvious that only an invasion of wicked space aliens will provide a permanent solution to our divisionary nature, because only by uniting will we be able to avoid being exterminated. We're asking for it and it's coming. By the time it's all over maybe there will be very few people left. Two birds will have been killed with one stone because the tragedy will also save the natural environment. Another possible solution would be a series of pandemics that would bring down the population dramatically, so that the few survivors would have to work together.

Daniel Rey M.
13-Sep-2013 14:02 PM

Comment Chinese, Japanese and Red Indians (American Indians) are whitish but not exactly white. From their features one can easily conclude that they belong to races different from European whites.

Mahesh Chandra Dewedy
11-Sep-2013 12:07 PM

Comment Are the Chinese and the Japanese not pale enough for you? Do you see them as though you were looking through a piece of yellow glass, and do you see North American natives as though you were using a piece of red glass? Europeans seem to watch others through a kaleidoscope. That's why Alberto Moravia, the Italian novelist, after a trip to China in the Seventies, wrote in a chronicle about his voyage that he was surprised to find that very few Chinese were yellow. I've never seen a yellow Chinese, Japanese or Korean. In fact, I've never seen a yellow person. A schoolteacher of mine once told us how, after a sojourn in Europe, she'd come back and now some people around her seemed to be yellowish-green. It must be something in the air over there.

Daniel Rey M.
10-Sep-2013 14:35 PM

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