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Happiness of Us 'Alone'

I feel nothing is as complex as the human mind; it is so complex and unpredictable that it makes a person an angel or devil. No one is an absolute angel at the same time no one is a full-fledged devil. It is, in fact, decided by the mind. All of us are not only a bundle of contradictions but also a blend of good and bad; the percentage also keeps changing depending upon the circumstances.

I feel invariably a lazy brain or an inactive mind except the assigned work becomes a devil’s workshop. It harms either the person or the persons around him/her. Why one shouldn’t keep their mind engaged with something which satisfies it and keeps it active.

I have passed through many hard phases in my life; but, on all those times, my hobbies like reading, painting or music had saved me from depression or boredom. These even today proved to be a wonderful diversion for me to keep myself awake from drowning into self pity.

I don’t try to say that I have achieved great things in life; in fact, the present gen youngsters have been surprising me most of the times with their achievements. I am really amazed by their smartness, sometimes their practical approach to problems. But, I am happy that what all things I do make me always happy and satisfied. I never feel bored or tired of anything I see or talk around; every incident is a lesson; every person I meet, young or old teach me something.

My books and my reading habit are the biggest escape for me from many things. They provide me commendable vision around the world or people. As I have mentioned earlier, like listening to our favorite songs several times, I keep reading some novels and books many times. I don’t feel tired of it. Similarly, I watch a movie I like after some period of time and I could even remember the dialogues; even then it does not make me feel bored. I watch movies even during my younger days alone. I never looked for a company. I used to tell ‘when I watch a movie there is a conversation between me and the screen. Why I need someone by my side?’ Even today, I stand by that conviction.

Why I say all these things?

Our happiness should not depend on others presence or the attention we get from them. All of us should know how to enjoy your own company. This particular sentence I have borrowed from my ex colleague and friend who had now settled in US.

So enjoy your own self even though you are bundle of contradictions; don’t expect others to bring happiness to you. It is within you. And one should identify and go in search of it and find.


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