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It's Not Selfishness ... It's More of a Survival !!

Was scrolling down the main page of Facebook, this morning ...Variety of status updates + beautiful profile pictures + photos of nature + articles all mixed up as everyday... Also found a girl dressed in a gorgeous bridal attire. Pink lipstick, pinkish eye shadow, a big 'nath' in her nose, a fabulous pink bridal chunni surrounding her head & heavy Kundan jewelleries made her looking like a Rajput Queen !! Had to stop there ...Was looking at her for quite some time...

Met her in 2008, while studying a course in Delhi. We were not that close, just batch mates to be precise. After passing out, I went to Tanzania for 4 months, with my husband. On returning back to India, I found my old mobile phone became totally dead, since its battery was fully gone by that time. I lost all the contacts of my batch mates (of that College in Delhi) whom I wanted to contact & meet !!

Opened my Facebook account in 2010. I was never into Orkut (Opened my Orkut account in 2010, after being forced by one of my friend who wanted to show me her wedding snaps). Thanks to Facebook, that I could find out some of my batch mates. This particular girl is not that active on facebook. So, don't have much contact with her now.

Today after seeing her in a changed look, I was drawn back to those past years. When we met, when I used to see her in stylish clothes & talking about her future including boyfriends/marriage. I used to view my life from a different angle at that time. Had certain ideas regarding 'should' & 'should not'. It was from 2009, when I started to stay in different countries with my husband. There is a fine difference between visiting a country for tourism & staying there for months. When you stay in a particular country, you get to know about their cultures/thought process/language/weather & lots more. You will be pleased to see interesting places & at times, you will be surprised too after knowing certain not-so-known facts. You will feel home sick & you will enjoy the freedom of a place where nobody knows you personally.

Today looking at her face, I felt its more like a mirror, where I can see the reflections of my past ... some happy moments, some dull moments... Life changes, since change is the only constant 'variable' in this World...We also change... Sometimes for better (upliftment of soul) & sometimes for worse (becoming selfish/self-centered after some bad experiences).

Whatever it is, life becomes more enchanting the moment one starts to love himself/herself more than anything else & in my opinion, thats not selfishness.

Thats more of a survival!


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