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Why Diamonds are Forever?

Diamonds are forever lingering on in the minds of men in the life of the world; such a precious thing the diamonds are that many even perish for them!  Why there is so much fascination for diamonds when there is so much danger behind them?

Craze for Diamonds

In jewels and armours the rare Golconda diamonds decorated once for the world royal families! In search of King Solomon’s gold mine some story heroes discover diamonds in Africa and die in a novel.  Also a film movie, which many have seen and wondered at the treasures of diamonds much!  Not only in this movie, but also in many movies diamond robberies thrill much the audience!

Nature of Diamond

Though a form of carbon, diamonds are precious because of their brilliance as bright as the gems, natural or artificial, decide the fate of men depending upon the selection of diamond stones men make according to their natures or horoscopes!  The gems are the geometrically well shaped perfect diamond crystals formed under the earth under high temperature and pressure which are such as colourless diamonds, red rubies, blue sapphires, green emeralds, golden topazes, etc. we know.

Discoveries and Vision

From the sand called quartz, Chinese have invented glass first in the world!  The stained glasses, Germans have invented first in the world!  The brilliance and fire due to reflection, refraction and dispersion, diamonds lure the mind of men to the world of vision, which is why glasses or diamonds are forever charming both for good and bad and decide about the fate and fortune of men in life!

Significance of Colours

According to man’s horoscope colours have special significance for man’s successful service in the world.  Colours have healing powers on human beings according to each one’s nature.   Beauty depends upon various colours that attract men towards arts and activate them with zeal!
Green pastures, green trees, green meadows leap the heart with enthusiasm and joy in their coolness!  Wide open blue sky and deep blue sea enlighten the mind and elevate the spirit in their breath and depth!  Rose flowers and pink flowers in the park are absorbingly beautiful to the eye of the beholder!  Golden yellow fire of burning camphor inspires awe to all to worship it in wonder and bliss!  The red hot iron heats up the blood with energy and alertness to all around it!  The black soot on the eyelash absorbs the heat inside and cools the eyes to see and remain better and cools the eyes to see and remain better and bright!

Nature and Diamonds

The transparent white light assimilates all seven colours in one and plunges the whole soul in deep bliss!  The reflection of Sun’s rays sparkling like diamonds on the sea waves brings the vision of heaven on the earth!  The colourful clouds refracted by the sun’s rays at the evening twilight take the paradise to the sky, a beautiful sight to see!  The dispersion of seven colours connects heaven and paradise by the bridge of VIBGYOR rainbow, a pleasant sight on a sunny raining day!
All these wonderful effects of the broad nature can also be enjoyed in a nutshell in the diamonds we see on the earth!  The twinkling stars of the Universe can be seen in a single sparkling diamond man wears in the world!

Colour Influences

Certainly each colour has got its own influence on man for inspiration, enthusiasm and energy to do one’s duty in the world!  So, professionals wear nine gem rings and affected persons to solve their problems wear also various diamond stone rings; especially nine gems like the nine moods of men and the nine planets of the Solar system commonly influence all the men for knowledge, wealth and power to live and work in the world successfully against all odds.  The colourful kaleidoscopic glass window panes of the holy shrines induce spiritual mood or vision to everyone at the first sight itself!
The cool transparent white light inside the sanctum sanctorum of the temple inspires awe, wonder and bliss to all!  The colourful bonfire and the illumination lights on the festival times create the festive mood of enthusiasm and jollity to everyone!  And the colourful costumes, the artists wear and go dancing in the streets transport the people’s mind to the world of paradise!

Magical Effects

These are the common sights producing magical effects to all by the ordinary colourful things we usually come across!  When there is so much significance for ordinary things, how much more significant rare things would be in the man’s world?  Also the rare the things are the value and demand would be more and man would pay a high price somehow to possess them!  Diamonds are preciously perfect crystals that absorb the mind of man forever, for, diamonds remind and induce of and transport to the world of visions that inspire man to sustain himself in life against all odds to achieve the dreams of his heart in the world!



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Comment Well written. How about the 'black diamond' scam that is hot now? Ofcourse, there is also the diamond in the rough!

B Pugazhendhi
04-Dec-2014 11:08 AM

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