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The Disjointed Brands of Hinduism

"Hinduism" is a chief religion of India.

I am not saying religion of majority of Indians because the caste affiliations, community affiliations, regional affiliations, ideological affiliations, gender affiliations, corporate affiliations, business affiliations, cult, rituals and philosophy affiliations,  affiliations to historical figures, atheists, rationalists, and like many other affiliations are making so called Hindus to fight among themselves for political power, undeserving benefits, to dominate their respective groups, and for above-mentioned divisive purposes to keep Indians (Hindus particularly) divided and never unite emotionally for national rebuilding and work for welfare of all citizens.

This is being practiced by all all political parties and politicians and also spiritual and cult gurus.

Long time back many intellectuals have pronounced Hindu is a misnomer for Sindhu and it never in history represented a religion and only a limited region in Indian subcontinent. Some how this "Hindu" word is presently associated with a religion comprising of many cults, rituals, philosophies of various disjointed individual groups. Added to this are currently famous commercial spiritual workers who hijacked the word "Hindu" and even though they are representing themselves or their cult guru only are lecturing for "Hinduism". And all these warring and selfish groups have become "Hinduism-representing champions".

And most of these political, caste, community, region, ideological, cult, personality aggrandizement folks dominated representing Hinduism. Thus "Hinduism" has  become a loose league of differently oriented individual groups. The groups have their own agenda, vested interest and selfishness in using the word Hindu or objecting to it or denigrating it.

Some of these brands are listed here:
and peculiarly all these groups are considered as "Hindu" for stastical purposes even though many of them do not want the tag "Hindu".
  • RSS (cultural-which culture they only should know);
  • BJP (using "Hinduism" aspiring political power);
  • Siva Sena (cult of a historical figure - and not of any other thing related to ancient Indian culture - used the regional historical figure blatantly for grabbing political power);
  • the caste leaders - the Yadavs, Behen, many lesser parties in the north, south and other regions which do not allow them to be called Hindus and called only as the caste-, community-,  regional sub-nationality-, ideological-, gender-, atheist-,  - like group they formed for a section of citizens and are having an iron grip on these citizens, are of another type;
  • The communists, other" rationalists" do not like to be called Hindus and object to that.
And we have many cults started around many many spiritual gurus, cult figures and they love to be addressed as members of that group or this cult and Hindu word will not be uttered by them.

Thus so many groups have appropriated and hijacked the word "Hindu" for individual or individual group selfish interests and none of them do  exactly know any thing about ancient Indian culture or wisdom and supprt it or criticize it with innocence, ignorance, superstition and hatred.

These disjointed brands thus are misusing the word "Hindu" for their own selfishness. None of them is representing ancient Indian insight , understanding, culture or philosophy or spirituality and none of them have any idea of that great tradition.

Thus "Hinduism" is a misnomer for ancient Indian genius, knowledge, wisdom, intuition, understanding, culture and like many great achievers and achievements.

The word "Hinduism" is glaringly misrepresented and misinterpreted for selfish purposes of certain individuals and individual groups.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment The writer is perfectly right that the Hindus are divided They are divided even about God. If you go to a Hindu temple, you will find five to ten Gods being worshipped.That is the main weakness of Hinduism. When you have one God, you have single minded devotion in one God. When you have many Gods, your devotion is divided. Divided devotion is no devotion. That is why Hindus remained under Muslim rule about a thousand years and lost about 30 percent of their kith and kin through conversion to Islam. Even now in a free India, being a majority of 80 percent, they ca'nt rule of their own. Congress ,a champion of minorities ,is advising the minorities to get united and rule the majority.The Hindus are suffering because they have forgotten the message of God ie Krishna.when he says to Arjuna----Fixing your mind on Me alone, you will overcome all difficulties through my grace. But if from self-conceit, you do not listen to me , you will perish (Gita 58/18)

satpal amar
06-Feb-2014 11:11 AM

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