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For 'You' My Healer

If I start the sentence with me, you will again come back with a rasp spanking in your voice alleging that I dwell in a world of I, me, and my world. So I begin it with you. Where would I be without you?

I do not need a special day to commemorate of you being in my life. I celebrate every moment of having you. I need no special day or occasion to convey where you are placed in my life.

With the long drawn afternoon stretching to an evening and my sleep acting treacherous, I thought of flaunting my writing skills! Weak in numbers, I could never understand the chapter of loss and gain of life too. But I have comprehended this stuff very well that whatever loss one incurs; invariably it leads to a wholesome gain. After all who matters, who never did, who won't anymore. So, I don't worry about people from my past, there's a reason why they didn't make it to my future.

My strength is to have you beside me always. I do not even have to think twice before speaking, or doing anything. I can pour out the harshest contents (acidic) joyous (ephemeral) feelings, scariest thoughts, with an ease and comfort - that's my gain. Being a big time mood monster, it is not at all easy to deal with me, but someone manages all my mood swings, and tolerates me in spite of me being a very difficult person. I am not caught unawares of my obstinacy and rudeness. But my healer bears all my crap and gives me emotional shelter when I need the most.

I am blessed to have a presence of such a healer in my life.


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