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Reign of the Rains

In our media parlance rains are always related to romantic ideas; in movies, we always see groups prancing and dancing in heavy downpour. The hero and heroine, in Hindi movies, invariably drench themselves to the bone singing romantic duets and sway with  titillating movements. We believe rains bring wealth through agriculture, water for our lives and chillness to mother earth.

But, when the rains go nonstop and started turning mercilessly furious!

Everything goes for a toss. There are no romances. No happiness. No communication. The roads and houses are inundated. The water levels in the reservoirs go high and threaten to break the banks. The poor population is rendered homeless. The crops are damaged. The electricity which lights the darkness becomes a source of danger. Innocent walkers get electrocuted. Diseases spread like rumors, fast and threatening.

The same social media which helps people in many ways, now becomes a source of mischievous lot to spread frightening rumors.

In a state like Tamil Nadu, the ruling party is blamed for all the problems related to the rains. The other parties and media point accusing finger for the unpreparedness of the government for such an eventuality. They cry hoarse to save the poor but without donating even a single rupee or moving their little finger.

When there were no adequate rains during the last 4 to 5 years there was suffering of a differe form. When the nature's bounty became excess, the problems take a different turn. The entire city gets affected and become completely paralyzed.

Now everyone prays for the rains to stop. So anything in excess turns violent, uncouth, threatening, paralyzing and dangerous. We have no control on the nature’s fury. We become mute spectators or cruel victims of ruthless nature’s ire and attack.

Yet, we never learn anything from all these. The human energy and brain are used only to amass wealth, cheat others, be undisciplined and act on whims.

A popular nursery rhyme comes to my memory.

‘Rain, rain, go away,
Come again on another day,
Little Jonny wants to play’

But neither the rains listen to this rhyme and stop nor the population is not as innocent as little Jonny! That is the irony.


More by :  G Swaminathan

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