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Citizen is the Sovereign

The governments, instead of encouraging the citizens to prosper by themselves by their own efforts and the government being just the facilitator, are trying to become charity homes. Governments are there to rule, not to run hotels, shops, and the like enterprises. Let the citizens work for their growth. No government can provide all basic needs like food, shelter and clothing to all citizens. Citizens are not beggars. They just want anchoring by the government. But politicians have changed the meaning of government to keep their positions, illegal amassing of money and vote banks intact.

Citizen is the sovereign in a democracy not a charity receiver. The dignity of the citizen must be maintained and not make him beg for alms from the governments.

Luring the Voters in India

Unfortunately, in India corruption is not an issue for most of the voters. They vote mostly believing the manifestos of parties which have free-bees for all the important and mattering sections of society who have majority votes by their population. For these sections the daily routine itself is difficult to be tackled. They thus are lured sufficiently by the wily politicians who have very good idea of the pulse of poor in India and always cater their talk to appease these sections of the society and always try to keep them in humor.

The economic theories, capitalism, socialism, FDI in various businesses never understood by them or matters to these voters, as also the corruption by politicians, bureaucrats, corporate bigwigs, their kith and kin is of no interest to them. They do not care for these elite considerations. Thus India is a nation dominated by voters who can not care for the well-being of rest of citizens; the place of the nation in the comity of nations of the world, foreign policies; threat from China, Pakistan; terrorism, fundamentalism like concerned happenings have no impact on them when they vote.

That is why the politicians of all parties only talk about giving free-bees, food security (which though will have tremendous economic burden on rest of the tax payers and citizens); false promises of bringing down the prices; and free supply of TVs, laptops etc., only to their party workers; and the like will be made; popular measures like waiving all loans, giving free electric power to farmers but highly economy-damaging measures are all advertised and practiced to the peril of the growth of the nation and to the detriment of the economic prosperity of the nation.

No politician promises good roads, infra-structure, supply of electric power without break, good transport facilities, educational and health care, potable water to drink, elimination of pollution and retaining fresh air for our health, punishment of corrupt and criminals, and the like which benefit all sections of society and regions of the nation. Here lie the deceptive practices of all political parties.

Thus unless objectively assessing intellectuals and scholars guide the nation and counsel the citizens, nothing cheering happens. Let the citizens be motivated by such self-less citizens.

Reporting News about Rapes

The media seems to be obsessed with "rape" news. The newspapers, TV News channels, internet news sites and many other media channels are daily reporting the cases of rape from here or there and are rather "celebrating" the heinous acts. The daily reporting of these incidents is de-sensitizing us. We are not able to feel the gravity of the crimes. Rapes must be dealt with individuals, families, law-enforcing authorities and all of us need not be given a daily dose of these sensitive happenings. Let the concerned parties be taken care of and comforted by the relevant individuals and the government. Let all of us not be fed with this unpleasant reality.

Let the remedial measures be taken by the concerned individuals, government and organizations which have interest in these things. Let us all not know about this ghastly happenings, which disturb us and we are neither responsible for the act or can do anything about it before or later to the incident.. It is not pleasant to read news about the rapes and rapists.

And let the girls be sensitized about their anatomy and physiology, the anatomy and physiology of men and the natural sexual attraction between men and women regarding sex which has evolved in homo-sapiens species for reproduction.

Parents must be the first counselors in this regard. Unfortunately teachers are not having any role here because their autonomy is grabbed by the managements of the schools and most of the private schools lack in moral and academic character and are just run as rice-mills, or a factory, or prawn-tank maintenance. These administrators are all the exploiters and the name and serenity associated with school is completely spoiled by their business executives. Schools and educational institutions are seen more a job-factories and employable dens. The very essence of the educational institution as knowledge-imparting academic place is erased. So schools or teachers cannot impart any knowledge or be behavior-guides. So teachers must be excused from this duty of shaping the students. The schools and educational institutions are getting "reputation" based on employ-ability and not by academic instructions. In such an atmosphere the teachers cannot play any positive role as expected or as traditionally played in our nation. And none wants such instructions too.

So parents must educate their children about rapes. They should also teach them about the responsible, sensitive and protective measures to be taken by the individual girls, not limited to learning karate or judo.

Rapes are not news-worthy for daily reporting; even though they are happening and are a daily routine in the nation here or later. Let individuals take care then government measures will add to that. Merely asking government to provide protection from rapes is asking for moon. It is not possible for any government or law-enforcing authorities to provide constant protection. The sensitivity associated and sensibility to be shown in these ghastly incidents must be followed by all types of media and all kinds of news-reporting.

Let the citizens be not de-sensitized by making them to read about rape and rape-related news incessantly. Rape is to be avoided by individuals and their measures and of related agencies and not "celebrated" by daily-reporting.

Our Admiration

We Indians have a heavy dose of admiration and fan-culture that we make normal events as not to be missed extraordinary events. We admire cricketers, cine stars, politicians more intensely and passionately than they deserve. In India we are not having any role models in the scientists, writers, intellectuals, poets, artistes, ideologists, doctors, lawyers and the like from other fields and professions.

So all our admiration and appreciation is heaped on entertainers. We are doing too much when a star or cricketer entertains us much. This sort of idol-worship at the cost of individual esteem is not good for the nation. The individuals can admire but not go to the extent of becoming an eccentric fan.

We as Individuals are also equal to these entertainers. Let us become also great scientists, writers, poets, artistes, ideologists so that we become role models. Just entertainers need not and must not get admiration and following at the cost of our personality. Let us also celebrate us by our achievements.

It is only individuals who make a nation proud and bring name to professions. Let us shine in our professions and be a role model to our youngsters. Entertaining celebrities cannot enlighten. For enlightenment let us not depend on commercial spiritual workers. Let us make self-study of spirituality and depend more on our intuition.

Let us not convert ordinary persons into demi-gods. Divinity is a much more profound phenomenon. Let us stop the entertainers where they must be.

Let us learn to admire ourselves.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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