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Changing Directions

I feel all relationships, acquaintances and friendship come with definitely an expiry date. Only thing is we don’t know the date or time exactly. I find these don’t stop and snap abruptly except in certain cases, but started waning and disappear slowly. 

It is stupid to blame anyone for this. After all we live in an uncertain and ruthless world. Every human has its own commitments, preferences and priorities. Even if they have none, there cannot be any hard and fast rule that one particular connection should be maintained all through our lives. 

I am not belittling the long time friendships and relationships which continue without break. These may be, according to me, exceptions; or compulsions without option. That is the reason we see today many break up in love affairs and also in marriages and the connectivity with the parents and siblings after a period of time. Even if they meet, sit and talk I am not quite sure whether the same bonding could be recreated. 

In my opinion, these all because of the changing times, values and the individuals’ ego or mental shifts and also the psychological changes of each one with ageing. It is a universal phenomenon and foreigners were practicing it for a long time and we Indians either fail to understand or accept it.   

The sanctity attached to the husband-wife relationship has been broken before a long time; so also the parental and relations. 

I feel only one thing. I have no guilt or shame in accepting this change.  I am also one among all. I know I am changing and so also my priorities. No offence or regrets; but, a truth. I keep changing and so also my views and faiths. To cite an example, once I was a very pious person; today, I am not. My relationship with God had turned sour since long time. Similar things happened and keep happening with some friends and relatives. I honestly don’t blame them or myself. There is a visible or invisible meeting point in all relationships. That either vanishes, shifts or slips with time or distance. 

It is a bitter truth or fact, indeed. But, we have to accept it whether we like it or not.  


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