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Branding the Word - 'Rape'

So they will keep on demanding and deciding what laws should be crafted and implemented to punish the rapists ........and these laws will come in effective till the next decade.... and by that time the objectification and commoditization of women will have reached the Break Even Point .....till then they will keep coming with masala lyrics like 'Meri photoko seene se ....fevicol se' / 'Chikni Chameli' where they will portray one woman being stalked and wooed by a bunch of men which will again spread and smear a fine message to the upcoming generation that women are mere objects, this generation will certainly come up with better versions of rape and variety of crimes targeting women.

Not enough - then debates will be conducted on various news channel to sensationalize the issue further and will brand it with better public speakers and their effective communications skills which will certainly lure the managements and law graduates and they will get something more to discuss and ponder over for a few days ahead , some buffoons will get a chance to update something on facebook (just like I am doing) as a status/pic or inciting statement which will reflect how cool their opinions are. MBA aspirants will cover the highlights of the issue as a part of their GD and PI so as to give the best shot before the interviewer who might ask anything about this.

Politicians/Ministers will parry by saying 'yeh jo ho rahahai wo galat ho raha hai , aaropiyon pe shakht karywaahi ki jayegi'.

PM will appologise as always and then will keep mum till the next rape case to appologise again. Opposition party members will roast their personal interest and will keep blaming the ruling party.

The Police, the CBI and every other agency involved will keep on investigating till the next century. Social workers will claim it as an 'Outrageous issue' and will start a mass movement, which will start with a hunger strike and laathicharge ….later on will subside smoothly after a week or maximum 10 days.  

The youth will forget this very soon and will start preparing for the forthcoming semester exams, some social workers will join together and will release a status or an idol in the memory of the rape-victim and will entitle her with a pseudo name as ‘Damini’, ‘Desh ki Beti’ or ‘Gudiya’ to further brand the glory of her sufferings.

After this they will again brand these fake names as a part of social causes and will provoke the emotions of the weaker section …..thus making business. They will work on the branding of the word ‘RAPE’ so well that school going children of standard 5th onwards will know and understand the meaning of rape before they will actually know or understand ‘the reproductive system’.

This chaos-story of ‘RAPE’ will silently tranquilize by itself and will relive in the similar fashion when the next rape happens certainly will get  a better media coverage.This completes the circle.

How well planned these things are ….. I wonder why we bother so much around this when its so gross and quite obvious …….I am neither incited nor astonished , its just another story …… but I feel helpless , I feel a coward inside and I accept it as it is ….

Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows ……

The purpose of writing this is to share what I feel ……………


More by :  Divya Joshi

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Comment Sir I couldn't agree more , I think the word is soon going to become one of the top currencies to buy humongous social media followers through a tweet . It's really pathetic

harsh singh
16-May-2021 11:52 AM

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