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AAP 'Are they ready for it?'

The newly emerged Aam Admi Party, has since elections earned badges of respet and expectations.

Now even bagging the extrenal support of UPA, and Congress has nothing but to support AAP to show that it still has the courage after the downfall of 15yrs rule by Shiela Dixit.

AAP's success is noting but an effective planning of taking the opportunity of the situation by Mr. Kejriwal. A sharp mind in himself he has the calibre to keep his party in the limelight and win support from everywhere possible. With congress losing trust, Capital desiring a change, youth taking a stand for revolutionalizing the political system and Modi busy with marketing and handling Gujrat riots, it is not a miracle if AAP evolves out as people friendly party with a unique statement!!!

Hats off to the management of the political dynamics, however the question still remains intact, ''IS AAP REALLY READY TO BRING ABOUT THE CHANGE?''

Promising the jan lokpal bill to pass and promising to conquer curroption by saying ,''we have to see, i mean obviously corruption is a big issue for us! to dekhenge sarkar banane k baad!!'

I was stunned to see the new demi god leader using words like ''dekhenge'' and in the manner he said it was something like an answer to a question ''whould you wear a blue shirt tommorrow?'' and you not sure if you are in a mood to wear blue shirt the next day would say ''dekhenge''.

Owing to all the promises by AAP I along with billions of other Indians am waiting to experience the so called in the language of AAP ''corruption free Independent India''.


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Comment Anushree,

We, the Citizens of India are witnessing relatively rare change that occurs not very often, may be once in 50 or 100 years. If things go on well, which we will come to know in coming months, India is all set to become a country with one of the best governence in the world.

AAP's climbing to power in Delhi Assembly is just a beginning, if this succeeds there will be many more changes coming in near future.
They can do it, there is no doubt about that now.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
27-Dec-2013 04:38 AM

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