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How to Control Chaos of the World to Normalcy?

1. Intruders of the World

The intruder unhesitatingly enters any place silent and noiseless whether it is high or low what so ever it is like a fox under the guise of a goat among goats or like a monkey that has entered into the flower garden or like a bear that has entered into Siva puja or like a street dog entered into an open house. He just changes his attire according to the occasion to try his adventure. The intruder simply interrupts any group to catch unaware the first one that falls in his net generally the weak one; through him he tries all his monkey tricks to catch the big shot to accomplish his most cherished goal cool and clear; and thereby he shatters the whole show to pieces irreparable!

Who are the intruders who pose as a threat to the society? Uncertain friendship cannot go strong and steady. Friendship of such a group never mind much any matter and they are the intruders who interfere in the affairs of others.

Born of illegal couples they grow under vicious atmosphere; loveless and friendless they trust but for themselves nobody else; the vicious chain they are connected cannot disconnect them ever; the bondage they cannot break but at the loss of their own life; and so, they go on toppling the top persons to come to the top position or they live under the protected shadow of the top persons and they observe and copy the movements of the model waiting for the time to come.

The time too comes, but life is not a bed of roses and not only they suffer from mental torture but also torture others. Directly or indirectly both the individuals and the groups create disharmony in the society. So also the nation or nations interfere in the internal affairs of other nations.

The fallen angel Satan spoiled Adam and Eve’s way of life. The Western religion says so to generations of the world men who sin, suffer and die. In the East there was a sage Naratha famous for his meddling; but his interference in others affairs ended always with a common good! That is the difference between the West and East ever since the world has come into being.

West has done more harm to East than East to West! The World adventurers, the British and the French roamed around the world, they entered first the nations as visitors under the guise of traders and then they became the rulers and almost all the nations of the world became their colonies!

They plundered the riches of the nations and spread their culture; they introduced their languages and cultures through schools and hospitals; they developed science and technology and reaped materialistic benefits; when the people woke up they split the nations and left them fight themselves forever!

2. Friendship, the Best Culture

The spiritually once developed Eastern nations struggle to come up economically and socially. Ignorance, poverty and disease keep the newly liberated nations suppressed, depressed and oppressed. The heavy population of such nations starve, struggle and suffer. In addition to this, the exploiter nations spread pollution and disease and advise the developing nations to protect environment for world safety!

The long suffered nations readily succumbed to the tricks of the communist introducers; wherever communist ideals dominated there all stagnation deep rooted. The Communist dictatorship put the nations under deep despair and deprivation. At long last, again many nations woke to see reality eye to eye and over threw communist socialist dictators to breathe liberty with hopes of prosperity!
After the World Wars the modern world broke into two blocs, one half supporting USA and the other half supporting Soviet Russia! The militarization of the two blocs vied with each other; land, water and air became the testing places of new and sophisticated weapons for up grading their armies!

The spy networks watched each other’s installations of war weapons. Fear, suspicion and envy ever kept alive cold war between the two blocs! Many governments were toppled and the puppet rulers replaced then and there. Through satellite nations they fought with each other often to test their might!

The stage came, when the world destroying weapons the two Super Powers developed, they then only realized that both would not survive if they used such deterrents in large scale wars; they realized too it was better to settle their differences through friendship; and then friendship became the best culture to be followed among world nations!

3. One World Order

The Eastern Super Power had a great affinity for the highly populated India and a great longing for the dream of one world nation, an ideal behind India’s foreign policy of nonalignment, which supports the principles such as noninterference, nonaggression and coexistence! Without international peace and freedom the one world dream cannot be realized. So, the trio, Yugoslavia, Egypt and India interfered in the international politics.

The nonaligned trio had the support of hundred nations to adios cold war; further decolonization, freedom movements and anti-apartheid gained worldwide support . Thirty years of this movement’s efforts fetched fruits! Taking India’s idea Russia head long plunged into the activities of international peace and America’s satellite nations stopped ridiculing India’s nonalignment policy.

War is not the solution to settle scores among nations. The cause of the wars clearly speaks about the differences of individuals. The advocates of attitudes are the intruders of cunning propagandas that distance the nations as well as individuals with differences of attitudes breeding cold wars leading to world wars!


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