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National Press and Political Parties

versus Indian Citizens' Aspirations!

The national press and other national media are not aware of what is going on in Andhra region. They have purposefully or indifferently not covering the people's movement going on for the last 60 days. Adding salt to injury are writing arm-chaired articles on the statements of Andhrapradesh chief minister. Instead of writing objective views are expressing themselves as spokes-persons of divisive parties. They are finding their own meanings and are predicting the intentions of CM to become a martyr and become a leader for separate Andhra. What more ridiculous analysis is needed to show their ineptitude and lack of journalistic acumen.

Can't they take these statements of the CM as also a well-researched fact-presentation if state is divided and expression of citizens emotions and mood? Rather they do not and are writing as if defying command is treacherous. 

What more undemocratic press and media we need? They are not able to catch up with the citizens and are writing articles based on information and reports they got at Delhi by sitting there in AC rooms. 

None is caring to come down to Andhra region where citizens of all sections have suspended their lives and are coming on to the public places to protest against the ill-conceived announcement. 

National press and other media must report more objectively and democratically and not as intellectuals sans ground level information.

India is a democracy and the expressions of the concerned and affected citizens too must be take care of as the statement of the heir prince.

May be heir prince once takes this also, the announcements and reports change. Wish that happens too.

Modi will be more practical and responding than Venkiah Naidus, Sushma Swarajs and the like small stature d "leaders" to the feelings and aspirations of Andhra region citizens. Sushma Swaraj has enjoyed the hospitality of the infamous illegal mining baron Reddy in Bellary. She can not talk about citizens and their aspirations and needs. 

Confining to one region and not caring for the expressions of other region is the unmaking of this "national" party confined to central and northern parts of India. Merely dividing citizens on religion lines can not fetch a party votes always. So Modi has been the development-plank leader who breathed life into the otherwise backward-looking party playing religion and region cards for coming to power.

It is highly strange and incomprehensible why Mr. Naidu is more interested in other parts of India when his own region is full of movement. This leader who always gets elected to upper house from this state or that state other than his native state is one of the "tallest" leaders of that party know more for his punch dialogues than constructive party work. 

How insensitive leaders can belike this to the longings of their own citizens is really difficult to fathom and aching. Why this regional national party is so enamored for division is just pathetic that it feels it can get more seats in Telangana region and can come to power there once the state is divided thus making it equal to the other national party whose sole calculation is how many seats it can get in the ensuing elections by dividing a prosperous state. Both national parties are equal in calculations, alliances, corruption, fanaticism,intent on coming to power on the emotional-destruction of the country's citizens' wishes.

Calculations from Delhi ignoring one region and favoring another is the distasteful practice of politics and fun to be observed. Citizens have now changed much and the old divide and rule policy of all the political parties many not and will not yield any positive results to the parties. 

Every party as a necessity has to talk about emotional integration of India and seek votes. 

Citizens are bored and are not believing the "love and affection" being showered by these national and regional parties to keep themselves in power and not doing anything worthwhile for the citizens and nations but throwing scattered false promises and vain slogans by dividing citizens on the lines of region, religion, caste, sub-nationalism, peculiar justice detrimental to the progress of the nation and the like.

Why the sons and daughters of the division-choosing politicians who cry about exploitation went and are going to the west or other countries for their livelihood. Is it to dominate that country or place to where they went for job purposes? Now that they owned a party for earning they need not go abroad. 

All this domination talk is without substance. In India every citizen must be ensured to go any where and seek employment and life. Otherwise what is the fun of being one nation? Why should we not make the parties realize and implement this fundamental right of Indian citizens. The practice of divide and rule politics is detrimental to all of us which is the experience of all these years since independence.

Practice of give and take is a necessity among family members and among citizens of a nation. No one owns a region just because they belong to one "culture" and "share" it.

Culture is a flowing river and not a pool of stagnated rain water. It is ever changing like evolution. These narrow-minded politicians are neither intellectuals nor aesthetic individuals who can appreciate the beauty of diversity among cultures, religions, regions, ideologies, sub-nationalism and the joy of bringing out a combined culture, which is presently the breath of India. 

These narrow-minded leaders only know to make money out of every adversity and opportunity. Nothing more they know or are capable of. They can only destruct and never can construct. Following such leaders religiously and making them rulers is the bane of Indian citizens. they will and must rise above the narrow-mindedness being practiced by themselves and exploited by the leaders to the hilt.

India needs better leaders and better future. We cannot remain beggars ever awaiting the alms from the the authorities to be and are. We make the nation. Nation or leaders does not make us. Unless we practice harmony and brotherhood among us, transcending our historical divisons we continue to be pawns in the hands self-serving politicians. Elections come and go. Leaders come and go. Citizens come and go. Bu the nation remains. it has been remaining from times immemorial withstanding onslaughts from without and within. 

Let us give understanding a chance and improve our living conditions. Let us not fall a prey to our narrow-minded affiliations.

Wish we practice this in our own welfare.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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