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Horrible Bosses

Scarcity of jobs in the Indian market and upward trend of cost cutting in many companies have given birth to an incomprehensible culture called - 'Boss Bullying'. My observation is that almost seven out of ten people are generally bullied by their bosses in their respective verticals. Be it a direct reporting, functional or a cross functional reporting - Bosses love bullying their sub-ordinates, reportees and frontliners, irrespective of the performance and nature.

This culture is gradually becoming a poisonous trend specially in sales driven organizations where the boss can overrule, overpower all the limitations to humiliate, demotivate and threaten the subordinates to any extent.Some bosses behave unruly and out of the way with their reportees just in order to create a terror rampage to achieve their Sales targets.

Some of them do so because they have been treated the same way and some do it out of a force of habit.Getting drunk and arranging a confcall at odd hours, thereby threatening the reportee specially when he/she is with the family is another way of creating pressure. Many employees are actually losing their balance and are falling prey to such culture. This leads to severe depression, emotional breakdown, a disbalanced work-life style and also affects family as well as personal relationships.

If you report to such a dynamic and extremist Boss - start saying NO for anything which doesn't fall in your positive mindframe, don't fall prey to anything and everything that comes to your mind just because the boss said so.

Stop being a YESMAN ! stop proving to yourself!

Just Be yourself and work hard for your growth and not for your Bosses' growth.


More by :  Divya Joshi

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