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The Uncertainty of Relationships

In the present day milieu, relationships have become too complex, complicate and nebulous.

I am not specifically mentioning any specific relationship like parents and children, husband and wife, lovers, friends or official acquaintances.

I have been watching them through the scanner in my brain and in all these years I could see the slow and definite changes are happening in with time, position, age, mindset, mental stability and personal problems. It is bound to. I have no second opinion on that. But, in early days, even during my younger years, I think there was a sort of emotional or forced commitment to it. Well, you can take it as my observation or a view which is pretty subjective. However, in the present era the word ‘relationship’ either considered as a very profound word or simply a modern terminology. Every act or response carries an undercurrent of selfishness even within the family. The major reason for this is the life has centered today completely on material status and professional achievements. Most of us speak a lot but do very little. If not in other’s case, at least I accept my inadequacy. Tolerance levels have terribly come down. Today, I dread to think of my life in my teens and early days where four to five of us were huddled in a small apartment. So it clearly marks the financial conditions.

Today, we hear lot of discourses on ‘loneliness’ and ‘depression’. Were they not there during early days? I was and it should have been; but was completely overpowered by the problems in the joint families and financial inadequacy or crises. No magazine or no discussions were there on these topics those days. Most of the parents lived with their children and nuclear families were less. Friendships had limitations. Mainly, money circulation was minimal or less than needed.

But, the present day living conditions are a far from the past. Those considered as ‘luxury’ have become ‘essentials’.

With everyone has enough to live fairly comfortably and provide their children whatever they need from education to ready to occupy houses, there is absolutely no need to worry about a decent living. So naturally, there sets in an impasse or inertia. This also makes everyone to expect either more from others or upset if they don’t get what they want even it is impossible and thus making them indifferent to the other’s predicament.

The bitter fact is, to the best of my knowledge, I understand even friendships and relationships have expectations; to be honest and true, no relationship exists without demands and expectations, though the degrees may vary; understandably, if it fails they fall apart in most of the cases.


More by :  G Swaminathan

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