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Are We Not the Best and Benevolent?

Our fixation to Gandhian Principles and God’s Justice probably is taking uncouth proportions. Gandhi’s outdated concept of ‘ahimsa’ has been not only misunderstood but also misused and exploited to the hilt.

Look at the present day news items. We find the school children are not supposed to be punished for their misdemeanor. If a teacher had the guts to punish a child, he/she may have to land in the court of law for a criminal act. He/ she may likely to loose the job and face endless trials and probably finally he/she may not be punished based on the power they wield or money they spent. While this has been considered as an act of criminality, the heavy load put on the children in the name of education with several unwanted exercises are not considered for any trial or punishment. If the parents in their eagerness to make their children a jack of all trades, drive them to several classes and practices without breathing space, that is not considered an act of cruelty. That is termed as ‘ambition’.

All this parental pressures will evaporate into thin air once the children go to the engineering or medical college after completing their plus two. A part of their achievement is accomplished. So the children are set free to do whatever they like. However, if the lecturer or professor censures them for their misconduct, there will be agitations in the colleges and no punishments should be given to the students. Otherwise, the adolescent children themselves will take the decision to end their life if they fail in the exams or punished for any act of indiscipline. This holds good for their parents control also. So don’t ever imagine of punishing the boys or girls when they are in their teens. You should not teach them discipline because they know it all.

At the societal level, if someone is caught for any murder or criminal act, the case may go to the court but drag for ages. If the verdict is pronounced in case of any murder case as capital punishment for culpable homicide, the Human Rights Commission and the media will spring to safeguard the murderer because killing him will not solve the problems. Our country owes its independence to Mahatma Gandhi who believed and proved when ‘ahimsa’ could get freedom for a nation of 300 million, 65 years before, is it that difficult to reform a criminal with murderous fury? Here, we have even retired Supreme Court judges pleading for clemency even for terrorists.

India is a nation which believes strongly in God and His Deeds. So it is the responsibility of the God to punish or bless every individual for their acts or crimes. Since we have faith in the sins and virtues of earlier birth, we should understand the good and the bad coming to us in this birth and accept them gracefully as they are just extension of earlier acts.

When we feel all retributions from schools, parents, colleges and courts are unnecessary and vindictive why we should need courts and law? Ah, here we have an answer. Should we not have some means to ‘punish’ someone who the ‘blessed’ feel to be chastised? Well, that also will take years and decades depending on the victims’ earlier births’ sins and virtues.

Aren’t we the best and the most benevolent people in the entire world who have faith in God’s will and Gandhian principles?


More by :  G Swaminathan

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