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Just Shut Up

The simple urge to impart knowledge by the knowledgeable proves nothing more than the pain in the receiver's neck but so selflessly it is showered that the sermonizer often fails to identify that.

So when are the maximum chances you will be bestowed with these unwanted gyan sessions, which you are supposed to hear in complete awe of a loser who thinks he has just introduced you with your life's mission. The topics may range from cricket to politics to spiritualism to philosophy and remember whatever said you have to be left completely intimidated.

The secret of the booming service industry is the high quality of consultancy and why not the country is swarming with advisors. Perhaps except Saurav Ganguly the whole nation knows what would work on Pakis and politics it's the blood group present in every Indian, Oh! Sonia is so lucky. But going to vote in this sweating heat every now and then - aren't they asking too much. Well the next most heated topic is movies - it's like living an entire life for as LONG as three hours. So a movie you haven't understood would most probably be claimed as a classic by your peers and bosses and you will buy that because you never saw the end.

Well! Whenever your boss says anything, orders anything, requests anything, tells anything, lectures anything you nod like a lamb, don't worry it is the first lesson of on the job training and when it is an advice on career he will be the god of crap. So don't react much if he says either go to IIMs or don't do MBA at all (who would tell him there are 2 lacs aspirants and 600 seats - a little tough competition but surely not impossible, so what if next to impossible). Remember he knows it all, after all 5 years in a company and still assistant manager (Calling a helper to the real boss as 'assistant manager' sounds as good as calling wardrobe malfunction to the famous clothing tragedy of Janet Jackson's).

The philosophical lectures - they are the hot favorites and who has the coolest one is the trophy for but no points for following that philosophy (at least u think cool). In this BPO world everybody is here to tell you what is wrong, what is not, what you want and what you don't but at the end of the day you take a deep breath and all want to say is - JUST SHUT UP.

(And please somebody tell these pizza people we don't want their suggestions on their special offers everyday)      


More by :  Gunjan Bansal

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