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Does God Play Dice?

Albert Einstein believed that every thing happens with in the framework of well-desired universal laws. He questioned that does God play dice with the world?

Einstein’s question remains unanswered. Heidelberg’s uncertain principle in quantum mechanics stars that it is not possible to determine both change and location of a particle with certainness. Earlier it was thought that this uncertainty is only in a quantum state. It is in micro stage with very tiny particles. In macro stage of larger bodies we can determine with certainty. How ever, the modern-day scientists find uncertainty even in the large size objects.

One of the satellites, of Saturn tumbles during orbiting the Saturn; its tumbling motion is not uniform and cannot be calculated by any mathematical calculation. Similarly, in spite of so much of scientific advancement our weather forecasts fail many a time.

Human brain controls the heartbeats. Brain signals 5 times where as the heart beats 8 times during the same period of time. It is very difficult to synchronize heartbeats with brain signals. This is called devil’s steps. Some times heart fails to beat in spite of the brains command.

The above examples have changed the question of Einstein to

“How Does God Play Dice?”

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