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Beware : Astrology, Gemmology and

Rudrakshalogy (strictly in that order)

Friends, all of you who are reading this, please note that this article is written with the best of intentions. The idea is to highlight to the world in general and our country in particular about the manner in which people with vested interests are playing with the emotions of people. The sufferings of people are being capitalised by

· Feng shui experts
· Vastu Shastra experts
· Rudraksha dealers
· Gem experts
· Astrologers

The development of the Internet and the world wide web have provided fodder to all these organisations who have a great looking website along with testimonials. Most websites do not reveal the identity of the  person who is bearing testimony to the success of their efforts. Honestly, one does not know how much to believe in them. Making money is fine but if commercial interests are being camouflaged under the garb of spirituality, then that is gross injustice, isn’t it ?
Astrology is a science that has been developed for the benefit of mankind. The noble intention behind astrology is to forewarn an individual about impending dangers and suggest parihaaras (suitable remedial measures) so that individuals can protect themselves. However, today astrology has become a business.
How do you know if an astrologer is real? Anyone who asks you for a fee is doing great injustice to the field of astrology. A good astrologer will not be led by his sense of avarice and will either ask for a donation for a charitable/social cause or accept something in kind like clothes for the poor. Some astrologers also accept fruits and flowers. An astrologer who runs a business like set up charging Rs.100, Rs.500, Rs.1000 etc from his clients will also not predict the future correctly. Have you not seen this is in so many Hindi movies ?
A leading astrologer in a national daily (who names his column after the elephant god) charges Rs.3500/- for a query to predict your future. The amount will increase depending upon your requirements. A single Email to him will be met with a reply giving his bank account number, IFSEC code, MICR no as well as that of his family members who may have accounts in other banks. Am I running down anyone ? Not at all. All that I am saying is that an astrological prediction made after demanding money is almost always rendered useless.
There are very few astrologers who look at a horoscope without charging any fees. This nobility and kindness actually strengthens their powers. Those who let greed take away their astrological competence will find the latter getting diluted as the years pass by.
There was an aged Brahmin who as per reports in the Internet (by his own admission) set out to build a temple for Lord Hanuman. One of the astrologers from Kerala predicted doom saying that in the process of building this temple, the Lord would be so glad with his services that he would call him by his side. The Brahmin started trembling with fear not knowing what to do. At some point of time, he was forced to share this with his wife. The intrepid lady asked her husband not to worry and said that she had greater faith in the Lord than the astrological prediction. The Brahmin man is still living almost two decades after the astrological prediction.
Many of the Kerala astrologers also are experts in charging you exorbitant amounts (in thousands and lakhs) by frightening you. If you are weak minded, then either you will fall prey to their charms or you will end up worrying about it. A good astrologer will never predict doom or death at all. One of my relatives was going through a very tough phase in his life. He consulted many astrologers most of whom said a variety of parihaaras (remedies). One astrologer even predicted that he would live for a 100 years. Sadly, the relative died due to health complications. Friends, I am writing this from the bottom of my heart.
Take astrology as a guide but don’t get into it in such a way that it paralyses you and makes you a frightened , timid individual perpetually worried about the future. Many of the astrological forecasts in newspapers are a real sham. It is better that you do not read them at all. Think about the present rather than worrying about the future.
If gems can rid you of all your problems, then everyone would be a  happy soul on this earth. Gems are at best placebos. Genuine gems may have good effects but who will authenticate their genuiness? A google search will reveal many businessmen who are trading in Gems and also charging Rs.500 (minimum) for preparing your horoscope. No prizes for guessing that two horoscopes prepared by two different gemmologists will never be the same. Most of websites have self-proclaimed experts and babas whose intention seems to be nothing more than earning a fast buck. It is also sad that jewellers double up as gemmologists with scant regard to the authenticity of their forecasts.
Gems also have become status symbols even as the agents charge a bomb for some of these gems.
It is funny how some of the gemmologists argue that they will charge a fee for looking at your horoscope and then when you buy a gem from them, they will deduct these charges from the price of the gem. An additional point is – all of them have their bank account numbers, IFSEC codes readily stored in their websites and even mobile phones.
Purchasing gems is best done through references. If you are not sure, there is one alternative. You can rely on the gem called faith in the Almighty. This gem will never fail you and will always produce positive results.
Sadly, the Rudrakshas considered as tears of Lord Shiva have become hot property now thanks to many unscrupulous people doubling up as numerologists and astrologers. Secondly, the genuineness of Rudrakshas is always a bone of contention. Rudrakshas offered as gifts by elders in the family or those given by the religious mutts have greater potency than the ones that are sold at astronomical prices with tall claims. To make matters worse, there are some prominent businessmen who have converted the divine mission of selling Rudrakshas into a robust and successful business model. They offer you discounts, free gifts and what not. Each of these firms are experts in pulling down each other.
Go by your instincts and if you really want to try one, go for what is being advised by great saints, gurus and yogis. If in doubt, surrender yourself to Tryambakeshwara (the mighty and powerful Lord Shiva) who will always come to your rescue. Rest assured that if you pray to the Lord to forgive you for all your sins, he will stand by you. Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma-Parvati are called ammai-appan (mother & father) precisely because of this reason.
Please note that I am not demeaning Rudrakshas at all. Rudrakshas are intense and powerful and can really work wonders on your physical and mental well being. The problem arises because Rudrakshas are sold like aatta – dal and offering quick fix solutions. A reference check from a close friend or relative can be a good testimonial. You can try wearing a pancha-mukhi rudraksha as suggested by Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev. but it is important to follow the rituals while wearing Rudrakshas.
The truth is that unscrupulous people have ruined the prospects of not only the masses and those who are in need of divine intervention but also have made the genuine people (who lack the quality of self-marketing themselves) withdraw from the scene altogether.
So what then is the solution for our problems ?
  1. Man can shape his destiny himself by thinking positively and by believing in himself and the strength of his mind.
  2. Faith is a great healer.
  3. Devotion to the Almighty in whatever form never goes waste.
  4. Always pray  for forgiveness of your sins.
  5. Chanting of mantras and observing silence for a few minutes in  a day is a great step.
  6. Meditation and Yoga are excellent tools. Breath is that which connects your mind with your body, concentrate on your breathing and your health problems will diminish.
  7. Do not  believe in astrology blindly.
  8. Pray every single day, even if it is only for 10 minutes. Light a lamp everyday to ward off the darkness in your mind and homes.
  9. Prayers can move mountains. Never never give up on your prayers.
  10. Even if the expected outcomes are delayed, do not lose heart. Take recourse in the Bhagavad Gita. Look at the lessons the Ramayana teaches.
  11. Write the name of Rama in a note book every single day – Sri Rama Jayam – even if you write 10 times in a day, it will boost your energy. As Lord Rama says, “Anyone who comes to me and has faith in me, I continue to be by his side always”. Have implicit trust in the Lord.
  12. The power of positive visualisation is immense. Your thoughts shape your character and your future and believe me, the power of the mind is so intense that you can achieve whatever you want with this power.
  13. In today’s strife-laden world, meditation techniques are the best means to heal yourself. The mind can really work magic on you.
  14. To reiterate, a man’s destiny is shaped by the man himself.
  15. The physical well being of an individual is intricately linked to his mental well being. Never lose track of this. Only when both the physical and mental aspects are in perfect harmony with each other can we be at peace with ourselves and lead a happy life.
  16. Many Indian families do not know their roots or their family deity. Propitiating the family deity will definitely give results. Always.
  17. Positive affirmation statements can work wonders for you. Healers who are noble and are reasonable in their charges are best bets any day.


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Comment Very well said ! unfortunately most people believe in these astrologers who are nothing but crap..... Even the educated people are blind to their deception........
A genuine one does not make a business out of his knowledge !1

05-Mar-2012 01:09 AM

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