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Honest George and Omlette Sans Eggs Policies

Most Americans pay little attention to the statements of our president due to their disinterest, stupidity, limited attention span or his unique disability of syntax and semantics. He is much maligned, at least partly undeservedly, because on rare occasions, like a hurricane assembling a 747 from its junkyard components, or a monkey typing Shakespeare's plays, he makes an understandably clear and lucid statement of his muddled thoughts. He has clearly revealed his philosophy that nation building is for wimps and his future scenario for America, is the fastest gun quick on the draw before whom, all nations good or bad tremble, eat crow and kowtow. He is the most recent hereditary monarch in our country with its native ambivalence to monarchs and the presidency reincarnated in their image. He is painfully but disdainfully aware, that he needs to be re-elected in 2004. His limited neuronal wealth is not to be confused with his profuse gift of the instinct of self-preservation, his Roman Hruska principled charm, and his ambition for perpetuation of his tenure. His self-esteem is luckily unfazed despite his business failures, and boosted by his election successes, but even he is driven not to repeat his father's one term tenure, and cannot alienate the electorate by the necessary high price of empire. He knows that the news coverage of body bags of dead American soldiers will disenchant the American public and sink his chances of re-election. He eschews complexity and analytical thought to avoid circuit overload, but has well-honed basic instincts.

Thus, he has no intention of rebuilding Afghanistan or Iraq. I must confess that neither of the two can be morphed into functioning democracies. It would seem a lot more plausible to change Kafka's Samsa Gregor into an insect or a frog into a prince. His most imminent problem is the unforeseen resistance in both countries, which his three blind Stygian warlocks failed to see, because they did not have a single eye between all of them, or Persia had captivated their marginal and biased vision. Those two countries and eventually Pakistan will go to the dogs, requiring American military intervention, to prevent nuclear weapons falling into the hands of Islamic terrorists. I understand his dilemma and sympathize with his quandary and confusion, but lament that his pet poodle, Tony Blair has deserted him in the hour of his real need. For if Tony, the ventriloquist's dummy could speak in his own voice, he would alert the cowboy that Imperialism necessitates the acceptance of terrorism at home, by even a so called more civilized white people, like the Irish of the IRA. Empires by their very nature are cursed by fate to perform inhumane acts of moral repugnance. I doubt that even if Blair had the courage and honesty to inform and elucidate Bush of these important facts, his sparse and selective synapses, whose only neurotransmitters are money, power and greed, would have registered the message. I don't even blame or condemn these knaves of today, for it is the cruelly statistical game of chance that life and history are all about. It is a rare lucky boon, that a profusion of intelligent leaders are fortuitously bestowed on any nation, like America had in the late eighteenth century.

I am the first to rail against the barbarism and insanity of Islam, and weep for the victims of September 11, 2001. I must however confess and give credit to the president for his non-deliberative gut decisions in rejecting the recommendations of the Warren Rudman et al and Gary Hart et al committees. What foolishness is this to waste good money on the safety of the American public? Don't we, sacrifice their well being on the recommendation of statistically analytic bean counters, by conniving at faulty products of all sorts, from car, tire and tobacco companies, because the cost of repair is greater than the possible settlement awards of lawsuits? This cost benefit analysis, could be a serious philosophical argument for a financially constrained government, if it was not interested in selectively and obsessively espousing the vested cause of the super rich with whom, all our elected officials have made a Faustian bargain, unknown or ignored by the complacent and foolish electorate. The ignorant oppressed are soothed by the opiates of numbing entertainment with basic standards of living in America, jingoism in China and religion in India. We all evolved with a need for endorphins in the form of neurotransmitters, illicit drugs or brainwashing ideas! Who cares if trillion dollar deficits deprive the children, elderly, poor, veterans etc. by eviscerating the new deal programs!

Such a pity George, let us all drink to that!  


More by :  Gaurang Bhatt, MD

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