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A Song after Too Long or is it?

Intensity and longevity are the fuels the world thrives on. The more intense your efforts,the longer the duration of your intense efforts,the better your returns. But there definitely is a flip side to it as well,the intensity takes a toll on your body, mind, soul and intellect. We need to provide time for ourselves to recuperate so that we can again join the mad race of life. This hinders the longevity of our efforts. It creates a typical scenario where you have to run a marathon race at the speed of a 100m dash-extremely tough,excruciatingly painful and tiring- but then there's no other alternative. Just do it.

I am a big fan of Sonu Nigam, his voice mesmerises me,its as if he is a snake charmer and makes your soul vibrate according to the tune of his song. After quite sometime, if you consider a couple of months a lot of time in a singer's career, I heard an intensive song having the voice of my favourite singer. The song was Taakeedein from an upcoming film Warning. I just couldn't help reminiscing about the last hit song I had heard in his voice which brought me to Apnaa Mujhe Tu Laga from 1920: Evil returns and another was Abhi Mujh Main Kahin from Agneepath. I just couldn't help wondering where was he in between delivering these hits. Running a quick search through Google startled me, he had sung quite a number of songs but not all of them were able to entice the masses. What did he lack, I wondered because I thought a famous singer like him would have been receiving offers from quite a number of films. He sure didn't lack the longevity, a flaw of new singers who dazzle and fizzle early. What he lacked in songs that didn't appeal to the heart was Intensity-the feel which makes you say to yourself, 'This is one song I would never tire of hearing'. It's no mean job pleasing the masses and that too for prolonged periods of time. What great singers have achieved is no mean job, it is a combined effort of their intensive efforts over prolonged periods of time.

The motivation for prolonged intensive efforts stems from within for great artists. They have a centre within themselves which provides them impulses to keep going and churn out masterpieces. When the going gets tough,great artist turn within themselves for inspiration and return with greater intensities to prove their critics wrong just like a Phoenix rises from its ashes. It seems that great artists turn to this centre within themselves,away from the fanfare of the world, when they are not in the process of creating pieces of art. This solitude helps maintain their longevity.

I just couldn't help returning to the present scenario in music industry. Quite a number of new voices keep cropping up courtesy the myriad talent shows. Sadly only a handful are remembered by the fickle crowd. It's not that they lack intensity in their voices. It's just that they are not able to maintain the high intensity required in the cut throat competition permeating our society today. It is draining and slowly wears you out-not an easy job. This affects them in the long run.

It won't be out of context to quote the example of the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar who has been sticking on the cricket pitch for the last 20 years while many have come and go during his stay. Gary Kirsten who was one of his coaches started and ended his career while Sachin was still playing, this just shows the magnanimous quantity of effort he puts in every single day of his career. It's not that his intensity didn't falter but he never stopped trying but came back stronger every time he faltered. It wouldn't be out of context to mention MS Dhoni, one of the most successful cricket captain of India. While he has already bagged more number of trophies than any other counterpart in a very short span of time,the sheer amount of stress he upholds manifests as white hair on the head of a 30-something guy. So the efforts although bear tasty fruits extract a heavy price from the warrior. Still people never tire from trying,for they never know fate will smile upon them.

Same goes in the field of education,where a student has to put in sustained efforts,stay consistent to his work and then only can he hope of bearing good results. There are times in the long run when there is a chance of losing intensity. It is the decision in these moments which differentiate the ordinary from the extraordinary. We have to find our own centres,recede to them to quickly recharge ourselves and get back to 'the marathon-100m race'. Winning is the only priority. Sometimes its just a soulful song by your favourite singer, or its a small kiss from your loved one, a small pat on the back from a fatherly figure, a friend embracing you and saying 'I am always there for you,don't worry', or a simple tv serial which teaches you a small but important lesson, a small game which forces you to think, a walk on your favourite road or a place of worship. Remember, it does help infuse new energy into your soul and body, new ideas into your intellect and a mindset to, start anew, so that your ready to compose a new chartbuster song in the symphony of life.

It's just a matter of time before the motivation for the new song hits you and creates a melody of a lifetime. It's never too late in life. Have you found yours yet?


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