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It may sound strange but true. I am surprised and amazed by the way our values keep changing with time. I do agree that 'changes are the permanent things'. Oxymoron? But, it is a fact. Values, which are once abhorred and un-thinkable have turned adorable and practical. What once regarded as a matter of shame has become a sense of pride now. The prerequisites for a social stature have turned topsy-turvy.

Ok, let me not beat around. Going abroad for education or employment once qualified for a person to be ostracized. But, today overseas job or education is not only prestigious but also feasible to many. Instead of ostracizing they are given special respect. Going behind bars was a matter of shame and disgrace once. But, today persons who had been sentenced for any crime enjoy maximum publicity and the vernacular press invariably extends publicity to such criminals. A visit to jail today can easily go as a qualification to for martyrdom. Even criminals sentenced to death are now projected as sacrificial goats!

Once politics was the bastion of highly educated and elite. I need not elaborate on the present day credentials to become a political bigwig.

Cinema and the related show fields were shunned by many because of the tacit implication of probability of easy virtue. But, today film personalities are the ideals for the younger generation. When there was only one channel in TV and two half- an-hour programs ('Oliyum Oliyum' and 'Chitrahaar') of edited song sequences were telecasted they were subjected to strong criticism on moral grounds. Today, even the 24- hour entertainment through hundred odd channels with explicit scenes on sex and violence are lapped up with greater desire. Youngsters have still more access to forbidden pleasures of voyeurism through internet and chats. These were provided to children none other than their parents with great pride. Dress codes have been modified drastically and fashion shows are performed almost in every street corner.

Deceit has overpowered frankness; materialism has pushed discipline to corners; contentment was replaced with avarice. In a country where religion is viewed as a supreme liaison to God now witness mayhem and hatred in the name of religious faith. Bribe, chicanery and corruption are almost legalized.

One man's food is another man's poison. So goes the popular adage. However, does it not also go well with the changing values? Something rated high once becomes absolutely useless in the course of time. Are there really any values with us to pass judgments?  


More by :  G Swaminathan

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