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In the Middle of a Game: A Standard Western Strategy

For 350 years, the European and American governments indulged in exploitative colonialism or neo-colonialism without shame or decency. And then they suddenly saw the light and started preaching a message of equality, decency and rule of law. Those who professed to Christianity had no hesitation in enslaving, exploiting or practicing obscene behavior that the crassest uncivilized heathen would not dream of indulging in, even to save his or her soul, an ephemeral non- existent entity that the West exports to the third world with other toxic substances, it has no use for. The way it entices the developing countries with fool's gold of free trade is the greatest Ponzi scheme ever concocted. There are no more colonial captive markets compelled to buy substandard goods and developed countries tie imports to politically acquiescing sycophants and use them to enslave their own economically disadvantaged people to the exclusive benefit of the contributing plutocrats, in shameful collusion with power-hungry unprincipled kleptocrats, who constitute the American legislative and executive branches. These two, together constitute a potential humanity destroying power which has rigged the American political system and distorted free elections, instead proffering incompetent zombies who in toeing the line of their cupid, short-sighted contributors, lack both integrity and foresight.

Herein, lies the folly of both the communist and capitalist systems. The communist system, however ideologically superior is completely incompatible with human nature and thus destined for the dustbin of obscurity, and the capitalist system, however philosophically alluring is inherently unstable because it marginalizes the majority, who are incapable of flourishing in a free market environment. The controlled socialistic milieu is not the answer either, because of the acquisitive and amoral nature of human beings, especially those of the governing class as Mark Twain so succinctly stated. Domestic problems are easily solvable by making elected offices, a privilege with no form of current or future monetary compensation except health insurance during the term of office and social security and Medicare benefits at the same age as the population. It would break the hold of bread and circuses and mind-numbing brainwashing fare, which self-serving and or blindly ignorant press and politicians provide.

Let us begin with hormone treated meat or milk and genetically engineered foods. The reflexive overreaction, after tainted blood products in France, bad canned goods in Belgium and mad cow disease in England is understandable, but wrong. The sensible approach would be to promote general understanding of the immense benefits, that genetically modified crops have given us all, form an international group to monitor the safety of such products and to label them, so that, prejudiced people can avoid them and yet permit free competition by price, in the marketplace. Instead, the fanatic firebrands of free trade put up mutual tariff barriers. They exclude sugar imports from poor countries while subsidizing sugarcane growers in Hawaii. ECU has mountains of butter stored at taxpayer expense, but will not permit cheaper butter from elsewhere. These are the same countries that carved out Africa and Asia as captive markets. England forcibly sold opium produced in India to China and created addicts to import silk and porcelain. We are extremely thankful, that many western countries finally, achieved a level of civilization that allowed them to give up slavery and drug trafficking. It only remains for them to practice Christianity, before proselytizing. 

Let us proceed to immigration policies. For centuries the westerners espoused might is right. Laws were formulated, constitutions written with complete disregard for truth, decency or even glaring internal inconsistencies. High -sounding platitudes were uttered by mouth, written on parchment or in stone, but never truly found a place in the hearts or minds of the speakers or listeners. Ghosts of generations of Africans, Asians and Southern Europeans would rise up and say, "I accuse ". Remaining unmentioned are the American Indians, Tasmanians, Congolese and Southwest Africans of the past and the differential treatment of Jews, Arabs, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Rwandans, Bosnians, Hong-Kong Chinese and East African Asians. Xenophobia is rising in the European countries and Australia. These are all chickens come home to roost, having hatched from prior policy eggs laid by colonial powers. Enlightened policies would dictate a behavior, more like those countries, which give one percent of GDP as aid and maintain liberal immigration laws with a strong safety net and effective retraining programs.

Lastly, let us take defense and nuclear proliferation. There is no rival power to worry the United States at present. China is a source of future worry, yet America continues to coddle it to appease big donor corporations, who make a profit from the trade and generally provide a public forum for partisan views, without questioning their financial interests or asking them to disclose them. A professor at any medical school, who is invited to give a lecture at a federal institution has to sign a statement of vested interest, before the talk, while we allow nightly pollution of our precious airwaves by the same tired hacks with lucrative interests in providing consulting services to areas, where they made erroneous policy decisions, thus subverting one of the most precious pillars of our democracy. If it is in our national interest to contain China, let us say so or keep quiet about it, if we do not wish to advertise it. There is no benefit to spreading disinformation to our own people, just to enrich a few corporations, and provide China with the financial wherewithal to arm and become a serious rival. China has helped Pakistan to become a nuclear state and while there is reason to worry about nuclear war in South Asia, it is even more hypocritical to chastise India while rejecting the ABM treaty, the ban on testing and going ahead with an anti-missile defense, especially after years of conniving at China's rogue behavior. This is just another example of glaring, publicly indefensible behavior, which make us look foolish at worst and expedient changers of rules in the middle of the game, at best. 

How can we change the international order and relations? The time has come for a reversal of attitudes, where the less developed countries formulate their policies entirely based on self-interest, while the developed countries adopt a non-hegemonic neutral stand until, a semblance of purchasing power parity is attained by all countries. How else can any Christian country rationally come to terms with it's past and present? It must stop preaching or propagating value systems, it is unwilling to abide by. Will it happen? Can pigs fly? Will gold become fragrant, consumable and tasty? Will the second law of thermodynamics be repealed? The most likely scenario is the law of the jungle will prevail under the mask of liberty, equality, fraternity.  


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