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Indian Democracy and Governance

Accountability of people's representatives in India is missing. Their credibility too is meager. This is not the way a democracy is to run.

Citizens ' aspirations, needs, dignity and welfare are given least preference by many law makers. Many are interfering in the executive and are causing development and wellbeing of citizens to suffer.

Citizens as voters have to take much blame for it. For many reasons they are voting wrong persons as their representatives and are neglected by these persons once elected. The representatives' aim is remaining to make hay while the opportunity lasts for selfish ends.

Democracy many times fails in providing a good governance for want of enlightenment among voters while they are voting. Majority determines the course of election of representatives and governance. Minority of citizens suffer because of the choice of majority voters. Thus, though democracy is the most civilized form of political set up, lack of commonsense among voters brings inefficient governance.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment Agreed there are lacunae, many social groups have to be encouraged.

10-Jul-2022 14:11 PM

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