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Nirbhaya and Abhaya

After so much uproar and coverage of ‘Nirbhaya’ incident, how could the "Abhaya" incident take place? Is it not sheer negligence, irresponsibility and lack of concern for self on the part of the ‘victim’? It is just impossible for the police or law-enforcing authorities to protect all citizens at all times of the day and night. We also have to take measures to protect ourselves and behave responsibly.

What information these cell-phone and smart-phone tottering persons have and what they are following regarding day-to-day incidents? We cannot say the individuals are not reading newspapers or viewing news channels. Despite all this information and knowledge why they are behaving so naively to hurt themselves so disastrously? What are they doing with the education and information they are receiving?

The girls must know they are also having responsibility to protect themselves and be alert and not so innocently fall prey to animals in human form. All must remember this and correct their actions.

Poets and Recognition

It is an art to be a poet. It is management to be considered as a poet. It is an uphill task to many who compose poetry to be called poets. And, almost impossible to be recognized as a poet. Merely writing poetry does not make on a poet. One should also be adept in self-advertising and very good at maintaining public relations. He should manage the critics of all hues, belong to this or that ism and write poetry on those isms only. And also many poets have to expend one’s own money to get published. All these are the travails of the poets.

Though so much expertise is necessary and essential to become a poet in addition to composing verses, many love to be called poets and are undergoing all this exercise to be called poet.

It is also known to them that there is no money in poetry. It is enough for them if they are called poets. This vulnerability is exploited by some publishers to publish poetry of the individual poet by fleecing money from him/her. Still many fall a prey to these predatory publishers.

It appears this itch to be called a poet is so overwhelming that they undertake all these troubles and of course forget all their stress and strain of making effort to be recognized as a poet once their work is published and are commended by fellow poets and committed critics.

They know very well that there is no poetry in money and so do not care whether they are expending so much money to be known as a poet in the poet’s circle. Every poet cannot enter this circle just by mere composition of verses.

kavayo niramkushaha - a poet is a dictator unto Oneself.


Education, Health-Care and Spiritual Teachers in India

In India, many providers of education degrees, health-care, teachers of spirituality are all sailing in the same boat as the politicians and anti-social elements. Most of the institutions are run as and by a mafia.  The exploitation is too much to bear. If one parent joins his children in a school he loses them to the school authorities. He has to beg them for all things related to his kids. The authorities’ reject them point blank pointing out to the discipline of the school and rules of the school or college or university. We pay exorbitant fees; we have to buy all requirements from them only, and still do not feel comfortable. Are they serving the society or serving themselves listing out all ideologies and cultures they are committed to. But in reality they are equal to pawn-brokers.

I need not tell about the exploitation we are undergoing at private hospitals. All our savings will be vanishing if just one family member gets sick. The ‘spiritual masters’ impose themselves on us and are at the top of all mischief. They want only our money not our emancipation. They themselves have not got emancipated, how can they help us to swim the ocean of samsaara? They want and want to have everything except spirituality. But why many of us are falling a prey to them? God only knows. At every street corner there is a swami or sadhu ready to preach us. There are more sadhus than devotees.

The reason for all this is: education, health-care and spirituality are the three essential and cannot be neglected requirements of all humans. And why every one of us is forced to join a school and spend so much money for almost no return, academically or financially? None of the degrees we manage to get are definitely not helping us to get a job. Why we are not attracted to learn skills to live an independent living serving society and ourselves together instead of losing all our money on return-less and worthless paper certificates?

We have to take a decision. Others cannot and will not take a decision for us. We have to take care of us. Else we are wasting all our money on unworthy spending on getting mere degree-certificates and no education or knowledge or are equipped mentally with suitable skills to get a livelihood; on health not guaranteed of being healthy later; and just remaining the ‘devotees’ of this or that ‘spiritual’ master who exploits us for his satisfying his physical yearnings and financial well-being indulging in all pleasures forbidden to us by his teachings and never we get spiritual.


The Insensitivities

The US government and Government of India seem to share one thing. The US government is not at all caring the expressions of its allies and other nations of the world that its spying the communications of their citizens is against human privacy and the secrecy of nations and their communications. But US government has been spying every one in every nation just to safe-guard itself and its citizens from terrorist onslaughts or financial programs or anything that fancies them and are behaving as if the whole world must take care to protect the US. Similarly the Government of India is waging a war against its own citizens by forcing itself on the division of Andhra Pradesh. It is behaving as if it is a foreign government and Andhra citizens are alien to it. Even if the Andhra leaders have sycophantly agreed to division of Andhra Pradesh in the privacy of AC Rooms, the must government must have acting properly once it is known that all Andhra citizens are against division and their leaders have misled it.

When criminal politicians bill is thrown into waste-paper basket and retraced from the President which was sent to him even after high level deliberations among all political parties and government like a piece of soiled paper why the government is insistent on proceeding forcibly with the division of Andhra Pradesh bill? It is treating its own citizens as ‘opponents’. When Andhra leaders’ fraud and their incompetence in informing the government and party about peoples' will and desire and feelings, is known and when once the citizens have shown their disapproval tooth and nail by agitating peacefully for 65 days regarding division, the proceedings of Government is not democratic as US government's defence and lending deaf-ear to all protests are one and the same.

This type of undemocratic and insensitive behavior actions will lead to disastrous consequences. It is unfortunate that the governments lack in simple common sense, though not high wisdom.

Wish the world and Andhra Pradesh state are protected by God from the onslaughts of US government and Central government respectively.


Economic Offences in Capitalist Countries and in India

Economic offence is not an offence in the capitalist world. Any country which vouches for and adapts capitalism should not cry over economic offences. The corporate, the politician, the bureaucrat and the related decision makers are ‘sacred cows’. They must not be touched. Else all economic development comes to a stand-still. Even governments will come to the rescue of offending and inefficient economic managers by spending tax-payers’ money as happened in the USA. Giving bribes, getting advantages by cultivating ministers, bureaucrats, politicians and engaging other middle men and women (Radia tapes) to influence all these decision-makers and influential people is the art and culture of big capitalism.

That is why central ministers, corporate world, and related same “caste and community - economic offenders group” people are giving statements indirectly hinting not to worry much for the economic offences or other irregularities committed by ministers, political leaders including party presidents and their kith and kin, bureaucrats and like elite people.

Ordinary citizens can be booked even for pick-pocketing and jailed after law took its course.

But for economic offenders the investigating agencies, courts of all levels, law-enforcing authorities, economic offences wing and foreign currency wrong-dealers probes must go as slow as possible, and law must take its course for infinite time. Meanwhile the offenders can roam around and contribute to their coffers further looting without fear of law-investing agencies or law-enforcing agencies or governments.

This is the free market economy’s unwritten constitution.

Economic offences are committed to improve the GDP of the nations. The corrupt politicians and bureaucrats are essential parts of this great economic machine.

Even ordinary citizens are enamored of the assets and wealth (though ill-gotten) of these economic offenders and really envy their fortune. And many are encouraged to loot the nation and society at their level.

No one disrespects the corrupt person. Respect is always for the wealth amassed.

Such are the standards of present society. Why one should criticize them economic offenders? These are their days; even earlier.

That is why economic offences thrive and flourish. Let one not grieve for economic offences and their damage to ordinary citizens and nation as a whole.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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