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Established Norms and Revolutions!

Why everyone is India digging into the past of all the AAP leaders and enacting so many dramas for the actions and utterances of individuals years back. This may not give the desired political mileage even if the causes talked about are for women, for zealous Hinduism, "racism", against "anarchy" and the like.

It is really interesting to see every leader of established parties and news multi-media trying to find fault with AAP for every action or inaction of them. All are missing the point that Mr. Kejriwal and his ministers are no longer mere activists but are executives of Delhi government. Why the Delhi police did not care for it and behaved arrogantly and insultingly towards them? Why the established parties and media missed this and are not condemning this?

When you treat executive as an activist, what to do? except behaving as activists. They do not have any alternative The establishment must wake up to the realities. All is not well for the citizens. They are ready to defy the governments as they defied the British under the leadership of Gandhi, the original. When revolutions take place normal procedures will not be followed. This happened throughout the nations and societies during revolutions. Still not considering AAP as representing citizens' frustration with existing rule and leaders is great mistake. When flood comes everything will be washed away. Waters will not care for the dignity or beauty of buildings or hugeness of trees. Natural happenings like earth quakes, tsunamis, cyclones, and human displeasure do not care for "established" dignities an dignitaries.

All of them are reforming themselves to be routine critics of AAP. I do not know it is the role assigned to them by this or that party or it is self-assigned. Supporting corruption in police force, drug abuse, prostitution only to oppose Aravind Kejriwal and AAP will hit back them  with multi-fold force. They are even hurling "racism" insults on AAP.

The point here is, it is immaterial how much these leaders, news media and other elite citizens denounce and disapprove of the methods of AAP; it matters only when the citizens backing them disapprove of AAP something happens. People are fed up with the sermons and preaching of these champions of "what"? and do not care whether a day is celebrated or not; continuing with the rot is no longer possible for the citizens. Let these leaders and elite know this. People want change; not continuance of status quo. For that the people have to come to the streets under this "anarchist" leadership to wash the dirt in the public. Else the thick-skinned established parties and media do not support the citizens.

They show all civility to oppose but not to behave themselves. have they behaved themselves with civility and civilization where is the need for AAP?

They have to face the music and not give lip sympathy to democracy, civility, anti-corruption and continue practicing caste-, region-, religion-, based politics. Why no aspirant of PM is denouncing the highhandedness of Delhi police? When a junior minister requested to probe his wife's death quickly it is granted. When a chief minister and ministers have asked for suspension of concerned officials procedures are quoted.

Whatever is the strategy of established parties, the media and elite citizens, unless proper action is taken against erring officials, Delhi may not be able to conduct the celebrations. We are having these token celebrations for 60 odd years. Let us have a change for a change.

And the astonishment why current Indian press, especially the English one, is trying to denounce and unpopularize AAP and not encourage AAP objectively, is increasing in geometic progression, never subsides; and the same press has been bearing, born and is bearing the undoings of all establishsed parties for more than six decades and never used their discretion and love for civility and constitution when the estabished parties have been trampling Indian constitution, democracy and citizens' trust criminally and cruelly. Why "elite" Indian press is supplementing and complementing the opposition and onslaught of established polliticalparties to such a degree??????


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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