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Why is Science Considered Better than Commerce?

Each and everyone are opting science and neglecting commerce and others. Why is that? Only science gave oppurtunities. No, commerce has more oppurtunities than science. It's a fact.

Nowadays more are opting for commerce and humanities than science. It itself is a credit to commerce and humanities.

The one who studies science always criticises other subjects such as science is something great, it has more scopes, other subjects are easy etc. But other subjects are also great, they have scopes, and they are not easy, they are as hard as science. Every subject should be given equal importance.

No subject should be neglected. Nowadays everyone had understood commerce and humanities have equal importance to science, so somany are opting other subjects than science. It's a good sign to end the discrimination between subjects.


More by :  Amogha Pavithran

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