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Dr Manmohan Singh Disappoints

I agree comparisons are odious; that too comparing a country’s prime minister with a state’s newly taken over chief minister. Yet, one cannot overlook the fact the way Dr Manmohan Singh who has been occupying the chair of the Prime Minister disappointing the nation, the public and the press for the past seven years notwithstanding his socalled ‘Mr. Honorable Man’ image.

Being good and honest is one thing; being a strategist and politician is another. Late PV Narsihma Rao was criticized severely for his placid non smiling face and inactions on many occasions. But he was fully aware of his responsibilities and was able to bring several changes in his duration with a minority government than many other prime ministers. In fact, he was the one who identified Dr Manamohan Singh and encouraged him to bring the economic reforms which are being enjoyed (and also unfortunately misused) today. Anyway, he belongs to a different clan.

Dr Singh in every interview not only repeats the same thing but also reiterates that he is nothing but a front for someone who has operating him from behind. The comparison I made in the first paragraph is comparing the much awaited Dr Singh’s recent press meet with the equally much awaited Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s recent interview to Times Now.

Jaylalithaa’s maturity was clear in her expressions and she was quite candid on many issues. And most surprisingly, she had came out with her careful and logic observations about the much discussed Lok Pal bill and the importance of excluding the Prime Minister from it and the reasons she had cited for the same. It is disappointing that Dr Singh meekly expressed his acceptance to be included in the bill but only difference is he had been supported by a bunch a crooked men who could stall the bill in different manners.

His proposed frequent meetings with the selected press or public will in anyway going to be special or different? The same weak defenses are going to be repeated ad nauseam.

Dr Singh comes out more as a diffident PM who keeps dancing to the tunes of the power centers. It hardly augurs with the clean image with which he is projected. All the encomiums on Dr Singh may remind us of only one thing; the refrain from Shakespeare’s Antony’s oration ‘And Brutus is an honorable man’. The same holds good for Dr Singh also after he had taken this country to the edges of several large scale corruptions.  


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Comment Thank You Mr. Rao for your comment

G Swaminathan
30-Nov-2015 20:56 PM

Comment Looking back in 2015 you are fully vindicated.

P. Rao
30-Nov-2015 07:09 AM

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