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Euphoria of Ringing New Year 2021

The New Year 2021 is knocking its arrival and we all feel delighted on the farewell of the year 2020. Since half of the year 2020 we have been in the mood to bid farewell this, as the whole world is badly jolted by the pandemic COVID-19. Humanity is scared and life is stopped despite it, everything is not stopped. Nature has not stopped to gift us. The Sun and the moon are moving on its orbit, the stars are still twinkling, the breezing air is blowing, river and sea are flowing on its way, birds are chirping. We watch and realize as our imagination makes us fly high and high riding of its wings.

We are imprisoned right now but imagine more than ever. Amidst this, the arrival of the year 2021 imparts us hope, hope of normalcy in life. This factor works more than other in realizing 2021 a better year than 2020. The knock of the New Year 2021 makes us all overwhelmed and raises a tide of expectation and hope in human around the world. It is another matter that the ways and manners of its celebration will not be like prior New Years’, but our aspirations are on the full swing. We pine for much more that the years in past. All these things fill our heart with enthusiasm, and we become anxious to welcome the New Year. This ringing of the New Year creates the euphoria of the year 2021 not only in India but in the whole world.

The New Year is one of the most seasoned occasions actually celebrated, yet the specific date and nature of the merriments has changed over the long haul. It started a very long time prior in antiquated Babylon, celebrated as a multi-day celebration on the main day of the spring. During this time, many societies take the sun and the moon cycle to choose the principal day of the year. Since 1940 the trend of the New Year’s Day Celebration flourished in India under the impact of the colonized society. January 1st is celebrated as New Year’s Day following both the Gregorian and the Julian calendar.

The different communities in India and Indian societies have their own special day as a New Year’s Day and have their trademark method of celebrating. In the various parts of India, the 1st Day of New Year is celebrated in the different months of the year. The different traditions are followed by them for the celebration. According to Vikram Samvat Hindu New Year’s Day falls in the month of Chaitra (March- April) and Chaitra becomes the first month of the year in Hindu calendar. Somewhere it is national holiday but in India it is not declared holiday. Here we celebrate it warmly in the company of our kith and kin, friends and employees and employers. People of the different approach have its celebration in their own particular manner.

This fervor of the New Year stirs us and we wish to welcome its arrival with the full enthusiasm and zeal. On the eve of the running year 2020 we remember all its good and bad experiences. Like the years in past we are not bidding farewell to this year. It means, even intellectuals and thinkers too don’t want to recall its memory. Everyone desires for its end and hopes for normalcy of life. Keeping eyes on the future’s possibilities we carve the unique manners of the New Year celebration. This year all places of public gathering will not be as decorated as have been done till now.

While the New Year 2021 is being taken full of bliss and fresh start, we are going to miss the gathering of friends and family and enjoying of the different foods with them. In the year 2021 we all are going to keep our eyes on the accessibility of the vaccine of Corona Virus which must save our human power. We wish to put full stop to our anxiety, fear and anguish of 2020. Even in the excitement of celebrating the New Year, we are not able to subdue the pain caused by the Covid 19 in 2020. Despite it we all have to move forward because moving forward is mark of life and stop is end of life. From the positive perspective the year 2021 is an opportunity to governments of the countries to bring the life to be normal and instils enthusiasm among people to make a new fresh start.

The festivity of the New Year affects the familial, social, political, economic etc. aspects of society. All these aspects are nourished by the varied approach of people. People’s optimistic, pessimistic, realistic, relaxed, social and political approaches make our way of the celebration. Optimistic approach affirms that we must hold hope, hope for better and brighter life. So, enthusiasm and zeal of such people are seen on the full swing and they celebrate the occasion warmly in their own unique way. People of pessimistic approach cannot hope for better life. They support idea that they cannot bring any change in life until God does not do. Whatever is destined to us we are to acknowledge. So, they take this occasion (the 1st January) as a normal day.

People of the Realistic approach believe in the efforts. 50% of our life is shaped by our deeds and the rest 50% by God. They celebrate the arrival of the New Year as a mark of something new which should be welcomed by all means. A relaxed approach reflects our pragmatism and makes us believe in today. In greed of much more one should not spoil own present. Our present lays the foundation of our tomorrow (future). When we receive the arrival of anything new, we welcome it. It has been our tradition. A typical notion explicit to New Year's Day concerns a family unit's first guest of the year—custom expresses that if a tall, dim haired outsider is the first to stroll through your entryway, called the First Footer or Lucky Bird, you'll have best of luck throughout the year. To make New Year a better year we make a resolution. Common goals concern diet, work out, unfortunate propensities, and different issues concerning individual health. A typical view is to utilize the principal day of the year as a fresh start to improve our life. For that we discover the different techniques and commotion creators for cheerfulness. On this occasion fireworks, marches, shows reflect our zeal and excitement. The techniques invented for the New Year celebration reflect a particular approach to life.

The ringing of the New Year makes us alert about the passing of the running year. On the New Year’s Eve, we retrospect the whole good or bad incidents happened throughout the year and with heavy heart we bid farewell to the departing year. We exhibit our obligation towards the departing year in its night of 31st December each year and welcome the New Year warmly. 12:00 PM of the 31st December of the year is the exact point of time having sorrow and joy. It has caught the attention of the writers and the poets in all ages. The Brainy always pick up the pieces which are ignored by the average. Their efforts give birth to the texts which are praised and are interpreted later. Even on the eve of this New Year such pieces will enrich our literature. Here it would be much appropriate to quote the lines composed by Alfred Lord Tennyson in his long masterpiece; In Memoriam, which is an elegy written in the memory of his friend Arthur Hallam. It is regarded as one of the finest New Year Poems in English Literature. Lines of the poem are furnished below:

Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky,
The flying cloud, the frosty light:
The year is dying in the night;
Ring out, wild bells, and let him die.

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true…


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