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Pitralok Congame

The guys who wrote the Ved Purans must have been a real misogynist lot.

Hey, wait a minute; didn't the Brahmins do all that transcription,
Centuries after their actual creation and oral traditions?
Hmmm Brahmins? It figures.

Some say, after the release of the soul in cremation, it goes to Pitralok. This enables a forefather to move to his next birth.

Hey! No instant rebirth?
Anyways, so grandson releases grandfather, and so on.

Now what about the women?
Does grandma also need a grandson?
Does it have to be her son’s son or Beti’s son will do?
Or a grand beti will do? Is there any mention?

After all in our times when one son is common, what happens to Daadima, Naanima and Mausima? Everyone doesn’t have a son. Some don't have kids at all.

If no grandkids, toh?
Agar bete ki Beti hai, toh?
Agar Beti ka beta hai toh? Uske Dada ka kya hoga?

If only one child releases grandpa, what about grandma?
Or are women to remain souls floating in ether forever?

Hold on guys. If that happens,
What happens to the guys’ vows of "janam janam ka Saath" For the prescribed saat janams?

How long should we wait for a relook at these Puranic tales o spot a clause that can be interpreted:

It’s ok for a boy to kick off the next birth of one forefather
But each girl will have to kick off at 4-5 of her foremothers
To make up for the backlog of centuries.

This piece was written in the aftermath of a mental churning and research on Hindu last rites after attending the funeral of my elder sister who died a spinster.


More by :  Kusum Choppra

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