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Oh God, I wish to be Sonia ...

I must confess it wasn't easy to choose her. I could have taken the easy way out and simply settled to be an Ambani or maybe compromised a little and be born with a Tata surname. I also nearly wished I could be DMK president M Karunanidhi whose total assets are worth over Rs. 26 crores closely followed by AIADMK chief Jayalalithaa with assets worth Rs. 24 crores. But then my parents did try and teach me not to be greedy. So I think I will settle for Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

Now before you dismiss me as a power hungry, politics obsessed woman, let me seek to explain to you, dear Lord, why I desire to be Sonia Gandhi. I am simply impressed with her thrift and frugality and her commendable sense of economics.

With just Rs. 20,000/- cash in her account she manages to run her household and continues to amaze me. Yes I know she does have a little agricultural property in rural Uttar Pradesh worth a couple of lakhs and jewelry to the tune of 22 lakhs but nothing beats her lifestyle.

She has splendidly survived 38 years in New Delhi without a house of her own or even a car. The housing has never been a problem because she has been living in government accommodation from the beginning, first with her mother-in-law and then her husband. All paid for by the tax payers ofcourse! Successively she has also managed to secure government bungalows for her children who need to be protected against the 'evil forces' that are out to wipe out the Gandhi dynasty.

All this while, she has never allowed her limited source of income come in the way of the lifestyle her family enjoys. The designer cotton saris she carries off so well on all occasions are all presumably cheap ones sourced directly from the weavers to promote Indian fabric and traditions. Again the cars that her family uses belong to the ever grateful, loyal Congress party followers. Additionally we don't want the future leaders of this country to be unaware of the terrain that they will be have to preside over one day - hence I am assuming the Indian Tourism Development Cooperation must be gifting them free stays at exotic locations like Goa and the Lakshwadeep. Similarly the Indian cricket authority BCCI doesn't want Rahul Baba and Priyanka Baby to be out of touch with the national sport. Consequently the Gandhi siblings are always spotted in the VIP enclosures when the Indian cricket team is playing, whether in India or abroad.

I don't think I can wait till my next life. Oh God! I think I have enough more than sufficient basis to crave this. I want to be Mrs. Sonia Gandhi in this life...    


More by :  Usha Kakkar

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