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Practice When the World is Asleep

The world heavy weight wrestling champion was once questioned by a journalist - 'You are a beast in this game, how do you manage to win every shot you play, what is the secret? '

The wrestler smiled and answered this way -

'Everytime when I stepped out of the ring after a heavy practice session ....I was terribly tired and my body demanded rest, but momentarily I thought of my opponent - what he might be doing this time.

I pictured in my imagination that he must be practising at this hour.....and hence I could not rest.  I went back to the ring, practised again till I was exhausted. I wasn't able to lift myself and thought of retiring again. I came out of the ring ...but again when I pictured my opponent - I found him practising, my body was aching terribly .....but I didn't rest; I went back to the ring and practised till my last breath supported me ....

Now I could not move an inch .....my body refused to move or function, I could hardly lift myself ....my mates helped me to get up and walk out of the arena....while they were carrying me ....I could not avoid thinking about my opponent ....and that moment my imagination spoke that now he is relaxing, he too is exhausted to the floor and can't lift himself anymore ...he is busy taking a shower, then he will have a beer, then probably he would watch some late night comedy show on television thereby falling asleep .....

The journalist interfered in between .......so how does this make you a winner ?

The wrestler said, 'while my soul believed that now my opponent is at rest and has fallen asleep, I could not rest knowing this, I ran back to the ring and practised again'.


More by :  Divya Joshi

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Comment It's very good sir. It is very motivating and inspiring.

Versha verma
20-Jul-2019 07:17 AM

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