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Pathological Curse of Islam

Illiterate Prophet, Blind Followers

Naipaul in his writings has an important scathing indictment of Islam. He meticulously documents the repeated psychological crimes of making its newly converted believers turn against their own history of prior beliefs, customs, culture and even language. This fault stems from the lack of education and intellect in the scheming, perverted epileptic Mohammed, who in his post-ictal fugue states of confusion heard voices and when all cylinders were functioning, mistook a warped reality as a revelation. There is now good evidence that excessive religiosity and out of body experiences are due to over-activity of the temporal lobes and not an uncommon association of epilepsy or schizophrenia. (Phantoms in the Brain by V. S. Ramchandran).

Mohammed was an uneducated, pragmatic man, who married a rich widow for pecuniary benefits and then after his seizures, had illusions of delusions of grandeur. His limited worldview never went beyond his area of Mecca and Medina and the internecine petty quarrels of a few neighboring tribes, where he wished to parlay his new found wealth, acquired by marrying a rich widow, fifteen years his senior, into a powerful status and respect from other illiterate idiotic clansmen.

When chance, luck, ignorance of the susceptible, promises of pies in the sky, like carnal possession of beautiful virgins in heaven, skullduggery, betrayal of trust and intrigue catapulted him to victory, he was looked on as a prophet. He hoisted himself above his scum flock, I wonder if it was due to an abundance of his own foul petard. He had to prescribe a way of life and chose a narrow minded and despotic gospel, meant to appeal to the parochial affinities of potential converts. This explains the satanic verses and then reneging on them. His basic misogynistic tendencies and the belief that women are inferior, chattel and only created to reward men as a mindless instrument of pleasure for their good behavior, as defined by him, led to his concept of paradise. Thus he had to make obeisance to a shapeless stone, a mandatory pillar of Islam, at the same time rejecting any idol worship. He made Haj and praying five times a day, while always facing Mecca, an important part of the religion, because with his limited intellect and knowledge, he had never even conceived, how far a religion selling snake oil to an uneducated, stupid world population, could spread. This also explains his putting the learning of Arabic and memorizing the Koran, in its original language a must.

Take the case of Christianity, which unfortunately suffers from the same constricted theological perspective, particularly in America (the bastion of geniuses, savants and more than its fair share of idiots as well) in spite of the clear statement of the founder, "There are many ways to my father's mansion". The Reformation helped to put Roman Catholicism into a minor perspective from the days, when the Pope was selling bulls to raise money for his forbidden financial and sexual peccadilloes. The more recent capitulation of the rigid, hidebound, destined to perish, relic of a Catholic Church, where it finally conceded that mass did not have to be said in Latin, is at least an attempt to come to terms with reality. The acceptance of female priests and the final acceptance that celibate male priests are mostly closet homosexuals or pedophiles, and the acceptance of the use of contraceptives without giving up on abortion, might bring the church in tune with reality and morality, after it deposes the ailing, incompetent and possibly demented Pope, suffering from Parkinsonism. He clings to the reins of power in flagrant disregard of good sense and is probably the greatest hypocrite since Peter, who expediently denied his friend and mentor, thrice in one night.

Now let us look at religions, which originated in India and analyze what happened to them in India and not what happened, when they spread to other countries and civilizations. We will discuss those in the next paragraph.

Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism, did not reject the indigenous language of the country nor the
names given to the adherents and did not serve to critically differentiate the followers of these new religions from those who chose to persist in their ancient paths of folly. Only Islam and Christianity have this arrogance of unjustifiable certainty, the latter more during its more recent spread and proselytizing to the newly susceptible starving, colored heathens, because of the racist constricted vision of the Neanderthal Europeans, who converted to Christianity without understanding of its tenets, or a tolerance or decency towards those who are different in any way. Islam the former plague, while pretending to be non-racist and egalitarian has no hesitation in raining terror, tyranny and discriminating destruction on any peoples, who question its irrational, ignorant and idiotic dogma. Two other religions spread far and wide, beyond the country of origin, besides Islam the plague that became the curse of humanity. Buddhism spread far beyond the narrow confines of its origins, to Ceylon, Burma, Southeast Asia, China and Japan without coercing or subjugating these alien cultures or forcing political domination. It did not insist on making Pali, Ardhamaghdhi, Prakrit or Sanskrit, mandatory for the new followers, nor demand an obligatory pilgrimage to Gaya, but conquered by philosophy with a superior appeal. There was no insistence on changing language or given names.

Even Christianity, a constricted religion with no respect for others, did not spread by the sword and the Slaves or Gaelic converts did not have to change their first or last names to meet the new tyranny. Islam, which was spread by the sword, coercion and devoid of intellectual content or honesty, true conviction or decency, destroyed prior history and civilization in Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan which had the superior heritage of pre-Islamic civilization, far more intellectual, philosophical and honest than the despicable garbage and pathological perversion of Islam. The worst irony is that of Pakistan, an abomination on earth of fanatic psychopaths, which decided to name its borrowed missiles Ghori, Ghaznavi and Abdalli, after the ruthless plundering rapists and ravishers of the cities of Pre-Islamic Pakistan, denoting intellectual bankruptcy, lack of pride and capitulation of sense to alien conquerors and a slavish adherence to the ruthless tyrannical terror perpetrated by those who considered the vanquished as subhuman vermin. This is not a case of Stockholm syndrome but that of a diseased psyche of a failed state and its inept, plundering rulers, seeking to hide their corrupt inefficiencies by diverting the attention of a basically stupid, fanatic, illiterate and ignorant population, to incite and rally them to an Armageddon, which they justly deserve for being the pariahs of the human race.

Lest people think, I am venting bile against Christianity, I would like to confess, that I have nothing but a humble and healthy regard for the Jew, who was trying to reform Judaism and paid the ultimate price of being crucified by the ignoble idiots, who now profess to practice, preach and proselytize his misunderstood teachings, under the guise of racist biases, by claiming that the masses of unbelieving humanity are destined to perpetual perdition, because of these Johnny-come-lately saints' arrogant, unforgiving, idiotic and prejudicial constraining beliefs of baptism being an essential prerequisite of entry to heaven. The amazing and fascinating irony of fate and history is Christianity is a good religion, which led to the success of the West due to their hypocrisy of never practicing it or following its tenets, while communism though not a religion is very close to what Christ preached, failed miserably because its so called high priests, while preaching it, never really practiced it. Christianity has a cup, which runneth over with its history of crusades, slavery, colonialism and apartheid, just as Judaism has with ancient slavery and a fixation with penile foreskin, which Islam co-opted.

Hinduism has the unforgivable sin of the evil atrocities of the caste system for millennia and the stupid acceptance of hybrid human and quadruped gods. I am willing to concede that amongst the misguided and misled followers of Islam, there may be a minority of decent people, but are there enough for a god or America to spare this Sodom. Only time and convenience will tell, since there is no god and we are all at the mercy of America and its corrupt self-serving elected politicians, who have been granted the privilege to play god without the constraints of morality and with the undeserved latitude of a license for swift and lethal retribution without appeal to any higher authority.    


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