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When Can the Great Vision

of the World be Achieved?

The Great Vision
One sky, one world and one people! One language, one law and one currency! This is the idea, vision and dream of great men for the well being of the whole of mankind! But the great vision, the whole vision of divine men is total liberation for all!

Next World War

After World War II greatest war devastations have taken place in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq.   The causes of crises in these regions are national liberation, sharing of oil well and ethnic rivalry.  Russia even warned of the coming World War if US forces didn’t withdraw from Europe, Iraq!   Refugee problem due to wars is the latest International issue that causes concern to all!  Unhealthy competition, exploitation, domination are adharma prevailing now in the Kali Yuga, which has yet 4,26,000 years to complete after the Mahabharata War some 5000 years ago!

Kali Yuga

Note,100% truth prevailed for 17,28,000 yrs. in the Kreta Yuga.  Then 75% truth prevailed for
12,96,000 yrs. in the Treta Yuga.  50% truth prevailed for 8,64,000 yrs. in the Dwapara Yuga.
And only 25% truth prevails now In the Kali Yuga of 4,32,000 yrs.!

Now crows are thought to be Nightingales and Nightingales are uncared for as crows! Truth and noble things have become dull matters before the falsity and glamour loving people! Even the matter of God has become so means that what could be the response for the visions of mystics?  God or leader should be appealing as movie heroes  for the people to believe them in the world now!  Once beauty was truth and was a thing of joy forever; but now beauty is only skin deep and a cosmetic art!  Beauty of truth lies in the love of knowledge in poetry, but ugly realities reveal truths now in the newspapers!

Kali Yuga will be at the zenith in the world when people at the cost of truth rely on falsehood in life.  It is at that time God’s Kalki avatar will come to save the people from adharma establishing dharma;  Kalki is the tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu after Krishna.

Who Can Lead the World?

In the corrupt, violent and sexy world it is difficult for culture, civilization and good sense to deal anything fair!   A person of bold intellect and intelligence only can set right setbacks to settle matters in their proper shelves!   Only physically, intellectually and spiritually strong person  can lead the world in all fields for the well being of mankind!   Otherwise, the smooth functioning of the society will be beyond the scope of the system in all walks of world life!

Who Can Achieve Great Things for the World?

Politicians play politics toppling or forming governments according to their will and pleasure in many world nations!  Opportunists too play the game of politics to achieve goals according to their ambition at the cost of the state economy!  Statesmen also play politics but very few only achieve or accomplish great things for the future good of the world!

Religionists to have control over the community flare up communal feelings in the nation against other religions!  Non-conformists point out the mistakes and superstitions that sustain the society as slave by sentimental feelings!  Secularists smoothen the tension of the society advocating that religious harmony is better than religious tolerance!

Philosophers deeply in search of other worldly matters are unable to know the ground realities of the world!  Artists live in the world of imagination to escape from ugly, unbearable and awkward realities of the world!   Scientists securely settled in ivory towers of research fail to know world insecurity caused by atomic bombs!
Fate of Mankind

This is the fate of mankind world intellectuals should know and change the world for the better by wise ideas of hope.  Spiritualists of religion or Nature should guide the people as to how to tame mind and spiritually achieve liberation. Tension increased by family, business and world crises can be spiritually relieved only by religion or Nature which is not truly pursued due to physical and intellectual strength  that would leave one disillusioned and depressed at old age; and cure for disorder lies in religious faith or Nature power!

Religious fundamentalists, extremists and terrorists are mostly the greatest threats to world peace, stability and progress!  This hell can be changed to heaven if harmful religious ideas are humanistically reformed according to modern times!  Linking scientific mind with human spirit developments of the world nations can be effectively made in all respects!  That’s the way machine-beast-men and conscienceless creatures can be made ineffective to drive the world to the brink of hell!

But peace, love, brotherhood and freedom only can unite all and make possible the creation of one human world one day!  It is easy to plan but impossible to implement noble ideas without being controlled by proper personnel in adventure!  So also, truly the transformation of the world is impossible sans supermen at the helm of affairs to move matters soon!

Now only supermen can use UNO to create one world with one law, one language and one currency for all!  The vision, dream or idea of one world is not a waste, but it’s the way to solve all crises though not in haste!  Also, the great vision of total liberation is within reach, if everyone has faith in the visionaries of one world!  So, believe swimmers on the sea will reach the shore and climb up to the peak of the mountain top soon towards the staircase of milky way to reach heaven!


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Comment You are right to say the vision of the future is the pursuit of everyone born: it is the meaning of birth, and life by definition is a preparation for the future. It is integral to nature that has arisen out of the 'forward thinking' of the preparation of a planet from the solar system itself arising from within the universe. Life conceptualises forward thinking in all its forms, and proves to be the nature of existence that can be so conceptualised. The conceptual form of existence in life reveals a process to a conceptually realised end, the fulfilment of the future that is one with life. The beauty is that this is all inbuilt into existence, even as we are born (and live and die) as fulfilment forms of that process; it explains our unity in apparent difference, the order in apparent chaos, all events conceptualised as the clash between good and evil principles - that everything is held in an absolute resolution of life that the future holds.

31-Oct-2014 21:38 PM

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