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At least the brouhaha over the speculations as to who will be, should be the next President of India is over - some respite from feverish skirmishes, embattled forces, who will support whom, is over. Now we can wait quietly for the results. Till then of course the media that is both the print and the ubiquitous Television channels will give us gentle reminders, calculations and what they consider to be authentic prognosis. 
We are mired today in the world of media, electronic and print. The former has of course the largest following. Those who don't want to read or can't cozily settle in their arm chairs every night to savour the deluge, the Big Fight, the small one, and what have you. There is no dearth of news or views. The self opinionated jury is always there, we are swamped by them. Added to this excitement are prodding and nosy news casters.
There is a plethora of news, big and small, medium, everything. Just relax, you can start your news agency! Right now the latest is of course the Presidential question.
A politician with doubtful antecedents about his political loyalties is in the fray. He has almost declared that he will win. May he! After having the likes of Prof S. Radhakrishnan as our President, the space for this position really has been unmercifully a rubber stamp. Bertrand Russel's assertion that the philosopher should be king in Plato's words and his belief that after Professor Radhakrishnan became President, Plato's words ring with truth have of course been belied. Now we simply wait, in a desultory manner. It really does not matter who will be President.
In the meantime issues such as floods, the North East question, Maoists etc continue to plague us. But let us damn them. So long as the country is not dismembered we can sing the unity in diversity glory and edification. And of course there should be no cartoons in text books. Children must learn in a martinet's manner. Poor children, but at least they have their mobiles to fall back on. In a country where there is a rising middle class afflicted by latest commodities, whose aspirations are to climb the rungs of social hierarchy, does it matter when the person next to him will get his next meal?
So what does it matter as to who will occupy the throne? They will fight against corruption, for the Right to Information, but not for education. Civil society rights unfortunately have become slightly uncivil. So, what does it matter for commoners like me, at least I can write articles so that my vanquished dreams remain paper tigers!


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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