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Dreams Flow, We Live.

Some things in universe always keep on moving, no matter what. Some of these are time and river and never to forget the universe itself. So does our life. Some things must keep on moving but their control rests with us. Dream is one among such.
Dreams must go on expanding such that when you accomplish your one dream you must be prepared for another. Mathematically, say it must go on muliplying or say it must be recurring.
I've seen many of them who aspire magnificence and they do reach the pinnacle. But they stop at that point and find nowhere to move ahead. Completing that dream becomes the aim of their life and after having done that they find nothing of their importance in life. Living that dream becomes usual and it then becomes routine. This mundane living becomes a boredom and then they realize that life doesn't stop at one dream.
Life is something far beyond a dream. And merely achieving dream doesn't mean living. One's dreams, desires, aims, goals, successes are all nothing, literally nothing as compared to life. Nothing can overcome it and nothing should. If dream gets larger than life then actually you need to wake up from dream and come back to life. Instead if we keep on aiming after having hit right, we keep on moving and this, I believe, the Universe indicates us.
Let me put it in simple words. Let us say, I aim to reach the peak of Himalayas. After reaching there and being happy over the success, I must aim to fly to the highest point. Having achieved that I must still dream for flying higher. And in this my blissful flight there's possibility that I might some day experience some divine power which I'll realise that it always inhibited in me and which might bring serenity in my ever flowing journey. It's as simple as this.
Some of us might misunderstand it with unnecessary desires. If one's so prudent to dream for desire after one desire achieved then he is perpicacious enough to know to measure his rational dreams and desires.
A pilgrim is not the one who stops at a destination but the one who goes on moving to keep alive his pilgrimage. Following the dreams, living those and some day or the other moving ahead of those to follow new dreams, that's the way it is.


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