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Another National Anthem of India

If Written, How Could It Be?

Sparkling Diamond

As a sparkling Diamond among the nations India stands beautifully on the Map of the World attracting all more towards the East than the West! For, India, the land of beauty and greatness naturally stands unique in Asia! The long high Himalayan Mountain ranges in the North, the wide open deep Indian Ocean in the South, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea in the East and West! And the long Rajasthan desert and Assam hills in the West and East naturally are the beautiful borders safeguarding this Legendary Land noted for its Rich Culture and Ancient Civilisation in the World!

Culture, Arts, Literature

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Gujarat to Assam Regions of India many languages, religions, races, cultures and traditions thrive here! The Aryan and the Dravidian Cultures mingled here as the Indian Culture! Also, the cultures of each State embellish now the greatness of India unique! In Arts, Philosophy and Religion Nature itself has inspired variously many poets, philosophers and saints to excel here in their works. Great they became simply because they were born in this Great Land!

Personification of India

The natural shape of India is the very image of the Goddess Sakti herself! Jammu and Kashmir beautify the face of Mother India unique; Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana form a necklace to her neck fine; The Thar Desert of Rajasthan and the Plains of Ganga beautify her body frame as garb; The Central Plateau of Vindhian Mountains cover her chest and stomach firm; The Deccan Plateau and the Carnatic Plains beautify her thighs and calves strong with her feet gently immersed in the three Indian Seas, Bengal, Indian and Arabian firm!

Gods Own Country

Yes, she stands erect holding a Bow in her right with a stretched string in her left with her Arrow pointing to the West ready to fight any formidable enemy at anytime! And the garlands of veins, wherein flow the life blood like rivers make her soil fertile! The peaks of the snow capped Himalayas are the abode of Lord Siva! The confluence of the Indian Ocean and the Sky forms the abode of Lord Vishnu! Siva and Vishnu of North and South protect the Sakti to do her duties to the World! And the Children of India, her people cling to her ready to listen to her commands!


This Mother India is Saraswathi, the Sakti in the North; this Sakti is Lakshmi in the Central India; and this Sakti is Parvathi in the South. This Sakti gives knowledge, wealth and power to her people!


The waves of the three Indian seas praise her beauty eternally! The Sun comes everyday to glorify her power! The Moon comes every night to glorify her beauty! The clouds praise her valour in the day! And the Stars glorify her beauty in the night!

The Fourfold Path

The four Seasons round the year enrich her great Nature! The four Yugas (Kreta, Threta, Dwapara, Kali) in a cycle glorify her Rich Culture! The four Vedas (Rig, Yajur, Sama, Atharwana) of India still remain the Mother of All Religions in the World! The four Stages of Life (Existence, Knowledge, Bliss and Absolute) ever solve the enigma of human life in the world! The four Ways of Life (Brahman, Chatrian, Vysian and Sudran) still uphold the greatness of her Dharma! The four modes of Yoga (Karma, Bhakti, Gnyana, Raja) ever make perfect human nature in life! The old Astrology and Astronomy still highlight the advancement of her Ancient Civilisation!

Spiritual Leadership

The beauty and greatness of India are eternal in Nature and Literature endless! The Material Advancement of the West cannot be a great threat to her Spiritual Greatness! And the Spiritual Science of India will certainly lead the World to peace, prosperity and perfection!


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