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Love is the blue days that bless our lives. The sweet drips of happiness is a strong love
Love and Respect.
Love, dignity and fortitude.
Always call me princess, I even the first fragrant flower, or, the first blooming flowers like those flowers that hold for the first time in your hand and look in awe and astonished eyes. Now the garden of my heart was empty without roses, jasmine, lilies and kisses.
The absence of your permission for me a new day
Your feet always sleeps with sweet with the whole world tales, with that song you said about the small yellow little fairy mountain encountered by small children and gave them a cheek kiss love magic and when the warm embrace your hearts mingle near fire, the old calloused hands caressed my long hair.
With painful memories like old smiles when our life, opens up like a beautiful flower.
Well my grandmother “Panaretos”.
Years worked in the fields to toil tirelessly with fortitude and patience.

Tired hands were always filled with walnuts, almonds, egg, with a thousand kinds of things that the village was actually dealing in the neighborhood.

White snowflakes in her hair even in the summer gave her abundant grace.
I never cried in her name. I always say _kardia (heart)I _ I remember the stories they told me from Izmir
Greeks and Turks ... .. a home And when was the great fire destroyed all done, all were slaughtered, all were uprooted.
I remember telling the story I remember not to keep days and years.
A sprig was still burning, but the names of her mind, Kemal army .... Venizelos ... ... ... ... ... ... but all to blame ... .. cloud refugees who arrived and found naked neighbors enemies in fear of getting their land, their jobs their lives. He remembered the hands of people who desperately stretched and hands of mothers who kept their dead children seemed to be lost, and sometimes still looked oloisa with a faraway look I do not think it was there that something bad was happening.
whispers slowly... uprooting, running long and muddy all stayed there ... everything !!!!!
And after saying names among them a Turkish.
Once I asked her what the name Khalil looked at me puzzled as if she was sure that I knew but then she said Khalil guardian angel of the family the teacher half Greek, half Muslim slaughtered along with all our family ... ... ..
On festive days always put the good of that smells delicious soap and lavender.
Always remember to knead bread that smells delicious all over the house and he made the Christmas bread(christ-bread)
The bread with a cross in the middle, decorated a unique and whole nut in the middle of the shell.
The night before, as I recount they put on the table was covered with a white embroidered tablecloth  and nailed in the middle of an olive branch. The branch passed figs, apples, oranges ... a sign of joy and happiness.
So every time when distributing guarding a large piece wrapped in a white towel and gave me along with a sweet kiss.
Always stand proud and value in front of people advised Kind and equal to look and the beggar and the King ... never underestimates no one is above the below and when you will be proud to walk with them always smiling.

Once we went into town (so say the Thessaloniki) where they had arrived refugees fleeing with torn clothes and shoes with holes. A new city a new generation, a new world and we are lost in large arteries, the crowd walked chatting to laugh. Thousands steps around us Streets paved with asphalt and people who know and care about us as we do for them. Blocks, concrete squares sick trees weak in a few square meters, the city busy, unrecognizable, alien!
When I was 6 years old and always go to olive trees. Here the sun never failed to embrace these things trees. Both dense and many were
The tree we were not an ordinary tree but a real nest
An old huge old olive tree that exceeded our old house in height.
There I took Grandma and simple clean apron.
Opened the bag that was edible and placed them carefully on it.
This tree was the refuge of our second home..
The speak-nest of birds - and that's why stretched up vertically horizontally diagonally as far as the branches seemed to be embraced by other trees tied like a huge nest in large chicks were from all birds seemed

Sunday. The sky darkens and takes on a sweet version with calms your own sweet form
How many stars would count, and what shines more and distinguished companion book .... ... Your own words ... when to ask for love.
Ah! My heart, my sweet grandmother, even now I get rid of all thought sad. Another day in and I'm looking for those answers did not have time to ask and remained forever in silence.
In a small drawer I have hidden all your gifts, souvenirs and expensive I keep with reverence, and when the moon with longing I recall with joy the holidays in our old house where the guests are not here anymore are gone.
A rose white stain that has graced my hair a tiny girl, May Day, when a state like the precious treasure of your arms.
I remember one day, with what affection he bent beside me and I got it in hand .. all happiness, all your dreams ... all in a chaste embrace love.
Yesterday evening I went home empty handed!
I look at the table and sad I remember when we gather the whole family happy under the protection of God to eat in an atmosphere of love and devotion.
First prayer my child cry do the prayer .......
Things so distant yet so important to me

And when you left a hole goodbye that day.
I opened all the windows in the color of midday.An asterisk deceived by my tears and fell at the fence next to a tree planted along a small tree  lemons  that bloomed this year for the first time and filled with flowers filled me with hope filled memories and sweet kisses.
The earth rests in great silence, and my heart - it is only there, all alone!

From deep thoughts my grandfather took had dressed, he wore the new suit and with his big beautiful eyes looked at me.
Come, my child will be late.
My grandfather, the great grandfather of mine who did everything right and struggling for years now since eradicated from Smyrna, he struggled in two souls and two seasons. In the field he found all day and when came the time of sowing season of plowing everything stafrokopiotan always said words of the Church always prayed. eleison Lord with ... ... ... .... Then this is the fruit of the field fruitful for all of us, the foreigners took the cross he wore his hat and then with difficulty and toil with soul and power sowing the sailed.
Listen asked, give advice and always wanted to help people always a good reason

I leave my suitcase in the courtyard where they had spread the fog. I think it came from above as they leaned in our old house proud thought that the poor old grandmother was here hidden behind the embroidered curtain of the old lighted lamp oil and off slowly Our greeting. I had forgotten the window of her room shining through this dense mist that constantly stretched!

In this house lived my whole life and now I go away.

-Come Do not stand me crying again Grandpa

Always rescued dreams So hearts pure leaving Grandma will always pray for you will always owe a big hug and endless will not forget what you gave me without expecting to get a sufficient return you smile and a sweet kiss


More by :  Dr. Eftichia Kapardeli

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