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Can We Control Rumour Mongers?

Rumour Mill

The rumour mongers are the real rogues of the society who make the magnanimous a mere piece of meek puppet in the world mill that goes on grinding the grist of rumours.  Unaware they spread rumours about everything and everyone; but surely they will reap for the consequences unaware one day.

Rumour Mongers

Who are actually the rumour mongers of the world?  The rumour mongers are the jealous hearted men here, whose jealousy soaked in the blood remains ever hot.  The rosy looking men are put to hardships by these green-eyed men, whose gaze is ever harmful to whomever they see in the world; this every good man ought to know to live well in the society.

Victim of Jealousy

The fire of jealousy burns any man to the inevitable death, from which there is no escape except by luck or accident.  The victim of jealousy loses all won in the gamble in the final battle; Duriyodhana deceived justice in the Game of Dice in The Mahabharata, but Dharma defeated him with death in the Battle of Kurukshetra.

No Smoke without Fire

Even today the fight follows on between the frauds and the pure hearts and it’s true the Lord of Dharma is defending the good against the bad.  The rumours are the negative propaganda about men and matters; but also, there cannot be any smoke without a fire somewhere here.

Antisocial elements alarm of a havoc quite untrue and baseless and try to thrive upon the rumours cajoling the cockscombs.  They make hell of heaven and heaven of hell by their rumours and pull on the days without bothering about better way of life.  Addicted to rumouring they ruin their own lives without any redemption whether the life of others is ruined or not they care about nothing.


They make something out of nothing and spread like a wild forest fire and raise or lower the very status or position of any person as to plan.  The big frauds bother about nothing except their own well being; they neither think of the past nor care for the future but the present.  Like the chameleons they change their colour according to the time; having nothing in hand they feel they are entitled to have everything; and they act as if they are born to conquer the world and rule the people!


Democracy and socialism are the best scapegoat to deceive the society; they make use of human rights harmfully against all human beings knowing all the legal loopholes to turn justice to their advantage always.

All are equal before the law of the democratic nations of the world.  Both the crime doers and the sincere workers are also equal here.  All for all is the common justice allowed by socialism everywhere.  These justified policies make easy and beneficial the escapes for the snobs from the judicial punishments anywhere here; and these snobs talk and talk, don’t do any work and spoil the world!


Like mosquitoes rumour mongers multiply and mar the progress of mankind; these vermin alias rumour mongers work for the break of big families here.  If a family or a nation splits it’s a great fun for these green parasites; Advantage they take of the opposing parties by spreading rumours adverse; and pass on to new pastures to confuse and collapse the healthy in disease injecting viruses of destruction while eating the vitals of the society in rumours.


Antidotes have to be used to arrest the aggression of the invisible viruses; to catch the rats, the cats have to be pressed into service; to remove thorns, needles have to be used tactfully.  Two negatives make one positive, says a well known formula; so, to stop the harmful rumours counter rumours have to be spread to make action and reaction to be equal and opposite in direction!

Hurdle to Progress

In the good man’s attire enemies move shoulder to shoulder; a particular personal problem they make a general matter beating about the issue with full of ferocity and verbosity leading to a serious crisis quite boiling and unmanageable!  Once that issue is diffused they start with another useless one and blow it to make it big till it is identified and diffused again.  This is how main issues are side-tracked as pending matters and the dynamic activity of the society is retarded to stagnation.

People who don’t like better changes follow the delaying tactics and so, pull on the days advantageously as long as they can just carrying out the routine with much fuss and foppery.  If at all they learn anything new it will be at the expense of the public by impairing the vital machineries while experimenting with inept ideas and incurring heavy loss to the organisation for every extra assignment.  They neither learn anything new nor do anything good to anyone.

Closed Hearts

Why do they do so when there are so many good things to be done in this world?  Perhaps suspicion, fear, narrow mind and ignorance are the causes for the trouble.  Ashamed to reveal this for rectification they hide them to deteriorate in their hearts; and so, they are useful neither to themselves nor to others due to closed hearts.


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