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Stealth - An Enigma

"No one ever approaches perfection except by stealth and unknown to themselves"
— William Hazlitt

Most of us are master thieves. The domain varies. Some people steal the rigorous dogma or credenda and try to impose on others without understanding fully or even partially. Someone steal fashion from celebrities irrespective of any idea how will it suit him or her. Some people steal personality, gaiet etc and finally mix up with their own natural persona. Somebody steals acting and playing styles but that ends in horrible disaster. At the end we forget ourselves and try to enter into others shoes whom we accept as ideal or worship as idol.

Usually people who appear before us have other life which is obscure. Their popularity and charisma in most cases obfuscate their original mould. Here again those idols have stolen that from someone else and in effective way. There lies the principle of art of stealing. We basically fail to steal whatever is required and to what extent and also after having forming a considered view about whether the stolen object will suit the thief. In market we come across so many thieves who steal whatever they get whether required or not. They have the option to sell those in market but we non professional thieves can't sell personality or style. Hence we will be covered with junk and that will hamper our process and stymie the blossoming our dormant talent and natural self.

We need to judge what is good and what is needed to make ourselves near perfect or what is required to fulfill dreams. Dreams, of course , not in monetary term, else people will be indulged in robbery. Here the theft is considered in intangible form and related to characteristics of persons in general. 

Some theft like books etc are sometimes considered noble. All book lovers are in the same field. It rotates hands and at times miss the chain what we tell theft. Anyway, apart from text books all other books are considered vulnerable for theft.

Hence we can tell all thefts have some good aspects and mostly bad aspects. We may find theft becomes a misnomer when we can steal the heart of somebody. That is noble and very much desired. That's the way which can lead us to tantalizingly close to perfection and happiness.


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